Chapter 21

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Pierce's invitation to meet his mother had shocked me. I kind of predicted that I would be meeting her but not during an intimate gathering with the family. Well, he didn't have any shame coming to Gran's house to meet my family. I guess it was okay for him to let me meet his.

We had lunch at a really cute café. It was just a small establishment that served brick-oven style pizzas and pasta. The interior was cozy with lemon chiffon colored walls and an oak made table counter. The tables and chairs were not uniformed. They had been collecting different types of furniture in assorted designs and sizes that they roughly painted it over in white and just placed it for customers to use and dine in. It may look scruffy but when you look at the set up, it just works.

After lunch, he took me sightseeing. We went to see Big Ben, The London Eye and Buckingham Palace. I took a lot of pictures with my phone but I kind of wanted to be in it. I also wanted to have my picture taken with Pierce.

"Hey Pierce!" I yelled at him from afar. He was on the phone talking to someone. He turned his head to see me waving for him to come closer. He walked towards me as he said goodbye to whoever he was talking to and put his phone back into his pocket.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Come closer." I signaled him to hurry up. "I want a picture." I told him.

As he was just about to say something, I jumped and put my arm around his neck as I pulled him closer to my face. I held my phone up and squeezed our faces together to fit ourselves on the screen. "Say cheese." I grinned and he also gave a boyish grin. I clicked the button to capture our faces with the Buckingham Palace as our background. Checking the picture I took, I saw that we looked really silly with our wide smiles. I loved it. I couldn't help but smile at the captured memory.

"Hey, let me see." Pierce said from behind me.

I turned around and shook my head, "Don't delete it if you don't like the shot. I happen to like this picture." I handed him my phone. He looked at it and smirked as he began typing something on my phone. My eyes widened and tried to grab my phone back. He was fast enough to let it out of my reach.

"I told you not to delete it." I clenched my jaw. He smirked at me again as he pulled out his phone and showed me our picture. He just sent our picture on his phone. I relaxed and Pierce handed it back to me. He chuckled and swung his arm around me then started walking again.

We walked around some more before we headed back to Pierce's townhouse. He told me to get ready and wear something nice for dinner. It was probably the right time to wear the dress that Pierce gave me on my birthday. It was red which was perfect for the occasion. I quickly got ready, applying some light make up, put on the dress and wore my black pumps. I checked myself in the mirror and gasped as I saw myself. The dress had a simple cut with a square neckline yet it brought elegance and hugged my body fitly, showing some curves I never knew I had. It bothered me that Pierce knew my size. In fact, he knew a lot of information about me. It was creepy but undeniably sweet when he wanted to be.

A light knock on the door startled me as I was silently chuckling to myself. I opened the door and saw Pierce all dressed up in a midnight blue suit. He wasn't wearing any tie and just left the first few buttons undone. His hair was now tamed to one side. I lifted my eyes to meet his gaze only to see that his eyes had widened as he saw me, taking me in rather thoroughly but quickly recovered immediately.

"You wore the dress." He said with bated breath. I saw his pupils dilate as he gave me another once-over. Flushed, at the way he had looked at me. I could tell that he was enjoying himself.

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