Chapter 1: Beginning

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Please Note: Statements between /* something in italics */ are game system messages. 


Swamy woke up the next morning with a feeling of apprehension. It was the first day and he hoped he would get to make a few friends and hopefully even a girl friend in the days to come.

“TV, Wake, Channel 8” He said as the television flickered to life and switched to the channel. 

A lot of things had become voice operated making life easier for everyone. Though it still caused a huge argument if two people wanted to watch different things. After all the technology may have improved and become smarter but the people remain the same.

Knock knock!

He opened the door and found his Aunt with some dishes. 

“Breakfast!” he smiled.


Orientation was always not interesting. It helped that people talked about stuff you wanted to know about campus and its facilities but it also was a day where people made speeches. And that was boring. 

Swamy tried to stay awake to listen to the important bits and also to make a positive impression for himself, but he was fighting a losing battle. The person sitting next to him was already teetering on his chair, eyes closed. A couple of rows down someone had tilted his head back and seemed to have completely dozed off. He thought he heard a light snore from somewhere as well.

Well seeing this did nothing to improve his dedication to hearing the rest of the speech as he was already gone by that point. Swamy tried to look at his surroundings in order to stay awake. Being the guy that he is, he immediately started looking at the good looking girls around.

Somehow the speeches ended. And people starting shaking themselves to wake up. 

The guy next to him also woke up, looked around for a bit and then smiled at him and said,

“Hi, I am Rajan. Nice to meet you dude.” 

“Oh hi, My name’s Swamy. Nice to meet you too.”

“So are you in the virtual reality program as well?”

“Yeah, you are as well then. You from around here?”

“Nah! I am from Mumbai. I just figured that it would be interesting coming here and ofcourse there is heavy competition for this course in Mumbai. Wasn’t sure of my chances there. Well it isn’t like the University of Bangalore is a cake walk though.”

“Yeah” replied Swamy.

“Well do you stay around here?”

“Well I do stay around here. Although I am not from Bangalore either.”

“Oh, where are you from then?”


“Yeah well we should hang out sometime. See you in class dude.”

“See you later”.


The next day classes started. He searched for his classroom (well it isn’t a small campus). As he walked into the auditorium style classroom, he remarked that the room seemed quite big with many seats. It seemed like it could seat almost a 100 people at a time.

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