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3 months later

Mary's POV

May the lord protect me as the world gets hectic.

These pills , I'm tired of them . They're the only thing that keep me out of it . It's my only escape since he left . I see him in my dreams . He's crying. . . . . . . . . He's crying on his his knees . He's calling out my name as tears fall down his face . My son is crying with him . I hear them talk to me . I hear them trying to reach out to me . I try to speak back to them but my voice just cuts off . Last night they faced me with tears of blood streaming down their face. I try to be great for them but i just can't .
My baby calls my name out . He tells me everything is going to be ok .

Damn, I wanna run to you, hold you and kiss you. And tell you how I miss you August.

It's like I feel my baby in the air, I hear him saying , "Mommy don't cry, can't you see I'm right here?"

The pain is infinite. I can't let my losses go . I know they come with trauma ,but this trauma is way to difficult to go through. I just need a path I can walk on . I need guidance. I'm honestly tired . I want to see August again. I want my baby back . I just want him to hold me and call my name out . I want to hear him say, "I love you, " one more time . My life is a mess I can't seem to fix .

*closes notes app*

1 years ago my life was horrible what was my mind thinking. Ugh ! That shit is frustrating.


"What were you reading Princess?"Ethan asked .

"My old notes  . I found ." I replied as I took down my drink . We were at a strip club .

He came over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist . He turned my body to face him .

"I love you ." He said .

I looked at him and smiled softly.

"You need to give me a little more time. I promise I'm getting close to saying it back ." I pecked his lips .

"Don't rush it . We had a rough past I get it . You're still recovering. Trust me , I still am ." He chuckled.

I looked at him for a while just zoning out . This mans  beauty is just something else . His eyes are just mesmerizing . I still don't understand how he finds my basic brown eyes intriguing. I question it every day. 

"Why are you staring at me so hard?" He said .

I snapped out of the trance .

"I'm sorry . I got distracted for a second." I chuckled.

"Don't be sorry . I like when your focused on me . It makes me feel needed by you ." He said .

"Ou baby!" I said.

"What ?" He said .

"You can't handle all this . We both know that ." I winked at him .

His hand slowly reached down and  took a tight hold of my ass .

"Babygirl why are you lying. We both know this pussy and ass  belongs to me . If a man ever comes for my girl , you better believe that man is going to get his whole shit rocked ." He smirked.

I rolled my eyes playfully just to see how he would react.  I turned my head to face away from him .  I guess he took it as disrespect because he grabbed my face tight and made me face him . He was angry. I was smirking the whole time .

"Don't test me Mary ." He whispered into my ear . 

"Fuck you ." I mouthed to him then I walked away leaving him a bit salty.

I went to throw money . It was filled with men and women mostly men .  I looked to my right and saw Drake sitting down and drinking as he stared at the strippers doing their tricks . He saw me staring at him . A smirk appeared on his face . Something inside of me told me to piss off Ethan.

I got on stage and began doing what I once did.  I began to strip in front of the rich men that filled the club . Dollar bills were flying every where. Drake was mesmerized.  All eyes were on me including Ethan's.

After a few minutes I got down from the stage . He was running towards me . I took off through the back door .  

I heard him call my name from behind me . He was catching up to me quick . I'm going to get in so much trouble when he catches me . Let's just hope he doesn't, cause' who knows what he'll do to me .  Now that I think about it ...... I'm worried about myself.

"Mary! Get your ass over here !" He shouted .

I was running like crazy . I need help.

"Your ass is dead when I get a hold of you !" He was furious.

"Fuck you !" I laughed .

"Watch your back Mary !" He said .

"It's not going to be cute princess." He said .

Lately Ethan has been over protective to the max . Security guard that drives around the house twenty-four seven . If I mention any other guy he snaps . His patience for me is almost non existent. What I did today was something that went against his rules . I'm really dead when he gets me . For now I just need to run . I need to get somewhere safe quickly . I ran back into the club through the front entrance .  I ran as fast as I could to where Drake  was sitting.  He had two of his bodyguards with him . I stood behind one of them but then I remembered Ethan's in the forces . I ran away to the car and drove off .
I'm going to get it when he gets home . He's going to give me pure rage .

Imagine a bomb in the military movies . Ok now picture the bomb as a person. That's going to be Ethan at home .

When he unleashes his pure rage my soul leaves my body . He doesn't even talk to me anymore. I just get lost in my own head . I'm so sick in the head that I just lose control like a wild animal. It's truly fascinating to the person experiencing the view of the other person going through it . I've recorded myself going through one of my episodes. All I can say is that I'm capable of killing anything In sight .

I've been tied up by Grayson . I'm slowly growing angry. Why did they always had to team up . I'm tied up in my office chair . Ethan just walked in . My mind was slowly transforming . I smirked .

"I got blood on my hands , and you know that I'm not scared ." I said .

"That doesn't scare me because I've got blood on my hands too . And yes I know that you're not scared. I just wanted you to obey me for once ." He grabbed both sides of my face and kissed me .

"Mmmm. You might be a dick head , but you do know how to kiss Dolan ." I said .

"I can't leave you alone Mary . You've got me going crazy ." His eyes went dark .

His hand slowly caressed my thigh .

"You've got everything I need ." He said with the most sinister smirk on his face .

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