Rivals- Chapter #2

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Chapter #2


After a painfully long, boring lesson of Iruka Sensei telling us about how to use our spiritual and physical chakra flow, the day was finally to an end. It was so awkward sitting next to Sasuke, all we did was glance at another for a few seconds then go back to work. I guess it's better that way, I learned to never get involved with people like that. It makes me laugh, he probably thought I was going to fall for him and become a ditsy fangirl to him like the rest of the animals in the academy. There's only a few girls that have sanity, ones that don't devote their life to Sasuke and lemme' tell ya, those are the few I respect most. I grabbed my things and decided to go on the swing outside of the school today. It helped me think but today when I sat down my mind went blank. Although I wasnt complaining, It was nice just to relax outside in the warm breeze, so peaceful and quiet. Until she came anyways. Good things never last do they?

"Naruko!" A recognizable voice calls out from the background. I opened my eyes and looked around, still sitting in the swing. "Naruko!!" I jumped up from the swing and looked behind me. It was Sakuras annoying high pitched scream, with Ino to her side and the rest of the fangirls trailing behind.

"Yeah?" I ask, looking to Sakura. "Naruko! Don't you dare touch my Sasuke! He's mine! I'm marrying him and he's mine!" The pink headed fangirl yelled. "Uh...What?" I asked, I couldn't tell if she was joking or not. "What! Sasuke is mine Sakura, back off!" Ino argued, "why would you think Sasuke would like you Ino pig?! You can barely remember the Justus we learn in class!"

"Well at least I don't have a big forehead!" These two complained constantly. It was truly annoying, it didn't take long for the crowd of girls behind them to start fighting as well. "Listen! We're not enemies you guys! Not now! She's our enemy, she's the one who's trying to steal him from all of us!" Sakura pointed her finger at me with a long frown. The crowd started to agree and I started to grow anxious, there were too many of them to handle on my own. "What? I'm not trying to steal him away from you!" I defend myself while they start moving closer to me. I do not want to get beat up by the Sasuke fans. Especially Sakura.. "Sure, we definitely believe you. You cheated! You made Iruka Sensei place you next to him, didn't you!?" The other girls behind them started questioning, this was not going to end good, I better leave before it gets bad..

"No I truly didn't, can you please just leave me alone now?!" I yell, slowly grabbing my bad from under the swing without ruining the eye contact I've made with them."I don't think so. Listen, Naruko I know Sensei and you are very close, and I've caught you starring at Sasuke every day! I think you asked to be seated by him!-"

"That's you! You stare at him all day! I hate him!" I complain, I was done trying to be nice to these fools. It didn't matter how many of them there were, I needed to stand up for myself. "Hate him?! Why?! That's worse then trying to steal him from us!" Sakura yelled, stomping her left foot. I got up and started to walk away. That's when things started to escalate.

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