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I watched as Thomas slept peacefully without a single care in the world. I pulled myself out of bed, my bare body shivered due to chilling air. I gathered my clothes from the floor, putting them on. I dragged myself out of the room, making my way out of the now dark and quiet estate to my shabby cabin that was known as my quarters.

As I entered the cabin, I couldn't see anything. Suddenly, the lamp was lit. There Daniele sat on my bed, his face full of seriousness. "Where were you?" Daniele questioned me. "I was finishing my duties, " I lied. "No, you weren't. If you were, you would have been in bed by now and you weren't. Where were you, (y/n)?" Daniele asked again, but this time being more serious as he stood up, looking down at me. "I was with Mr. Jefferson, " I muttered. "What were Mr. Jefferson and you doing?" He demanded to know. "That's none of your business, " I started as I sat on my bed. "It is my business since you came back an hour after you should have been in bed. Your hair a mess, your dress not in order, and your neck and chest covered in marks, " Daniele barked. "I may or may not have had an 'relation' with Mr. Jefferson, " I mumbled out in a hushed tone. "(Y/n), please don't tell me you had sex with him, " Daniele pleaded, but I didn't speak; nor did I move. "You had sex with him, didn't you?" Daniele inquired. "What if I did?" I questioned. "Then now I know why Mr. Jefferson has such a fixed obsession with you. He lusts for you, (y/n), " Daniele stated.

I felt as if my heart had been ripped out of me and shattered into a million pieces. I simply didn't want to believe what Daniele told me. "No, he doesn't. Mr. Jefferson cares for, he surely must love me, " I snapped. "Do you even hear yourself right now? Mr. Jefferson doesn't love you, and doesn't care about you. All that man wants is to have you in his bed, " Daniele argued. 'Slap'; that was I could hear before I looked at the hurt expression on Daniele's face. I then realized what I had just done. "Daniele, I'm so sorry-" "Don't bother to apologize, the damage has been done, " Daniele stated as he grabbed his belongings and walked out of the cabin.

"Daniele, where are you going?" I questioned as I yelled at him while he walked away. "To Annie's cabin, I'm staying with her for now on, " Daniele ranted as he continued to walk away, down the rows of cabins. I walked back into my cabin. As I sat on my bed, I let the salty droplets of water run down my face with not a care. My mind wondered about what I did was right or wrong, if what Daniele said was really true. If Mr. Jefferson loved me at all or if he lusted for me. I thought like this till I fell asleep on my cold bed.

I awoke at the sound of the morning bell. I pulled myself of the bed, getting dressed for the day. As I walked into the house, I instantly spotted Annie dusting the windows. I waved at her just to be shunned away  by her. This small action hurt me deeply. Regardless, I carried on.

I did my duties like I usually did, except today I felt the weight of my actions on my back. When I walked towards Mr. Jefferson's room, I felt a weird feeling inside, but I still walked in. Mr.Jefferson looked out his window, a glass of wine in his hand. As soon as I walked in, his glance was directed towards me. "Hello, my sweet, " he greeted me with a innocent smile. "Hello Tommy, " I replied to not seem rude as I cleaned the room, which I didn't have to do much for surprisingly his room was decently clean. "How are you, (y/n)?" He asked as he pushed my hair behind my ear. "I'm doing alright. What about you, Mr. Jefferson?" I asked. "I'm very good, especially to see your precious face. Since last night, I couldn't get the thought of you out of my head, " he spoke as he came up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist as he placed a kiss on my neck that sent chills.

Suddenly, my mind was reminded of what Daniele had told me. At this moment, I started to fully question how Mr. Jefferson felt about me. Does he care for me at all, could he possibly love me, or does he make me believe that he does just so that he can have me in his bed. "Thomas, may I ask you a question, " I questioned. "Of course, dear. Ask away, " he answered. "How do you feel about me?" I asked him, yet all I heard instead of an answer was just silence. "Why ask that type of question?" He inquired, and I could tell it was to avoid the question at hand. I turned to face him, a serious look on my face. "Because Thomas, I have very deep affections for you. I care for you deeply, perhaps even I love you. I want to know if you felt the same for me," I answered. Thomas looked at me with guilt over his face, almost as if he was sorry that felt that way towards him. Yet, he quickly dismissed the expression with a small smile. "Of course I do, (y/n), " he responded as he gently kissed me.

I then bid him farewell as I left the room. Outside the closed doors, I fell to my knees as I let the tears drop onto the floor. I couldn't believe how stupid I was. He says that he feels the same, but he plainly lied to my face. What's worse was that I allowed him to do what he pleased with me. I let him touch me, puts his lips on me, I even allowed him to strip me bare and take away what made me a woman, my own virginity. 

I pulled myself off the floor and retreated to my quarters, barely eating any dining as I laid on my bed like a lifeless body. As I let my choices and emotions attack me with all their might, giving into my world of depression that I had visited in such a while. For it was easier to be upset than to try and build up what little self-esteem or confidence I had left after today.

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