Battle of Christophsis

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Narrator: a galaxy divided! Striking swiftly after the Battle of Geonosis, Count Dooku's Droid Army has seized control of the major hyperspace lanes, separating the Republic from the majority of its Clone Army. With few clones available, the Jedi generals cannot gain a foothold in the Outer Rim as more and more planets choose to join Dooku's Separatists. While the Jedi are occupied fighting a war, no one is left to keep the peace. Chaos and crime spread, and the innocent become victims in a lawless galaxy. Crime Lord Jabba the Hutt's Son has been kidnapped by a rival band of pirates. Desperate to save his son, Jabba puts out a call for help. A Call the Jedi are cautious to answer.

Chancellor's office No POV

Jabba Droid:<hologram> Jabba requests that anyone who can help us find his kidnapped son send any information they have immediately.

Palpatine: we must help Jabba. This is the opportunity we've been looking for. The Jedi must rescue Jabba's son.

Windu: I don't like it, dealing with that criminal scum. This is a dark day for the Republic.

Palpatine: I agree, my friend, but what choice do we have? The Hutts control the Outer Rim, and we'll need their space lanes in order to move our troops.

Windu: there is more to this kidnapping than it seems.

Palpatine: then you must send as many Jedi as you can.

Windu: impossible, Chancellor. The Droid General Grievous and Dooku's Son Wade have our forces spread thin. The only Jedi we can spare are Skywalker and Kenobi. They just captured the planet Christophsis.

Palpatine: then contact them immediately.

Jedi Cruiser No POV

Admiral Yularen went towards the central hologram table in the ship where Master Yoda and Mace Windu were waiting in hologram.

Windu: we need to make contact with General Kenobi.

Yularen: we've been unable to reach him. It could be a solar storm, or they're rebooting their communication system. I'm sure the blackout is temporary.

Yoda: Messengers, we are sending, with important orders for General Kenobi.

Windu: see to it that she gets there as fast as possible.

Yularen: yes, sir. As soon as we load relief supplies.

Yoda: no time, there is. Immediately, the messengers must go.

Yularen: I understand, sir. I will personally take an unloaded ship to drop them off, then return to pick up my reinforcements.

Christophsis No POV

R2 went away from the gunfire and several clones were already firing at a large battalion of Droids in parade formation. Anakin ran over to a spot to see the Droids with Rex and Cody.

Anakin; they're back!

Kenobi:<runs to him> I told you this victory was too easy. We never should have sent the ships back for supplies.

Anakin: it wasn't my idea to send the ship back.

Kenobi: all right, me . Second wave incoming.

Anakin: Rex, you and your men follow me.

Kenobi: Cody, battle positions!

Cody: up to the front!

The Droids were in parade formation with B1 Battle Droids on the front, Super Battle Droids on the middle and these three legged Droids with rotating heads that shoot from once to 4 times each time they rotate, the clones were using some rubble as cover ready to fire but some were still getting killed, three runners went to attack but they quickly got destroyed. Kenobi gave the command and the clones unleashed lasers on the Droids, R2 went to where the cannons were and stayed there for safety since the cannons were their only heavy armament to battle a whole battalion of Droids.

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