Chapter 12 .

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Jeanylice .

I wiped my tears as they lowered my mom's casket into the ground. A pool of emotions were flooding my body and along with chris- I wanted revenge. He appeared next to me, rubbing my back for comfort.

"Where have you been?" I sniffled.

He sighed, "I have some bad news..."

"What now?" I tried not to make it obvious that I was speaking, but honestly I didn't even care.

"Felix. He's gone."

"What the fuck do you mean he's gone? Where the hell did he go?" At this point everyone was looking at me like I was crazy, so I made my way to the bathroom which was empty.

"I tried to get him Jeany, I did-- but he fled."

"So now what?"

"Well like you said, the police already knows who committed the murder-- now it's just a matter of finding him."

I didn't want this to happen to another family, Felix needs to get put away or even worse, the death penalty.

"I'm so sorry." Chris apologized.

He disappeared when a woman in a suit came into the bathroom.

"Jeanylice Reyes?" She questioned.


"I'm sorry for your loss, but since you're a minor-- you're gonna have to be put into the system."


"Foster care, sweetheart."

"No, no i'm not going-- you can't make me!" I yelled.

"I know this is a lot for you to take in, but it's the law. You have no one to care for you, your grandmother is too sick and from what I heard your other grandparents had passed away."

"I can care for myself!"

"Come on sweetie, let's go." She took hold of my arm and led me out of the bathroom. There was no point for me to act all crazy, I probably would've ended up in juvenile detention. Going with the flow was my best interest.


four days later .

I sat my suitcase down in the room where the woman led me, ignoring the stares that I got from the other girls and guys.

"I'm gonna explain this to you real quick," the lady spoke, "I'm Ms. Williams. We live in one big house, you see it?"

"Yeah." I said in a duh-matter.

"This house is split into two sections. The other half of the house belongs to the guys, after 8 o'clock our doors get locked."

"Why don't get the guys get they own house?"

"No money."

"So you share? Risking the chance of pregnancy and STD's? Real smart." I was pissed, what kind of fucking foster home rooms guys and girls? I don't care if their rooms are on the other side of the house, that still gives them a chance to fuck us in our sleep-- doors locked or not, I don't know what they capable of.

"Well do you have $20,000?"


"Then I suggest you keep your mouth shut."

"Whatever." I mumbled.

"I can already tell we gon' have some problems with you." She remarked. After she left the room, I slid my suitcase underneath the bed that I'll be sleeping in. I didn't even bother to unpack, I wasn't in the mood.

"Chris." I whispered, "can I please talk to you."

"Wassup?" Almost instantly he was sitting on my bed. That's what I loved about having ghost lovers, or friends-- or whatever you wanna call it. They come at the snap of your fingers, whenever you wanna talk, they down. "And why are there niggas out there?" He pointed to the door.

"Cause half of the house belongs to them.."


I nodded my head, "stupid right?"

"Oh hell na, let one of them try some funny shit-- they won't have no balls."

"Ew Chris really."

"You think I'm playin'?"

"You got it. So what's going on?"

"They still tryna find him, I went to the police station today-- they tryna track him down."

"This is crazy, he can't be that far."

"Ion know Jeany, it's been a week now."

"Who is you talking to?" A girl with long,curly hair walked into the room.


"Mind yo business hoe." Chris said, causing me to laugh.

"Is there something funny girl?"

"Yo face." He snickered.

"The name is Jeanylice, not girl-- and nah, nothing's funny."

"Then why you laughing?"

"Damn bitch, askin' all them questions." He kept on going.

"Cause I can, the fuck? You got a problem or something?"

"I don't know who you think you are coming into my house thinking you can talk to me like that." She snapped.

"Listen I don't even know you, but you getting on my nerves; just leave me alone."

Chris, noticing how irritated I was getting, pushed her to the floor. "I hate bitches like this, always talkin' shit."

The girl got up and left the room without saying a word more to me.

"Finally." I mumbled.

"You know I got you girl," he smiled, "I just want one of these nappy headed ass niggas to start some shit with you."

"What, so you can burn they room down?" I laughed.

He chuckled. "I told you, the nigga deserved it."


I sat down at the dinner table which was filled with 5 guys on one side, and 5 girls on the other.

"Everyone welcome Jeanylice." Ms. Williams said in a dull tone.

The girl who I had encountered early just gave me a dirty look while everyone else waved at me.

"What yo name is?" A brown-skinned boy questioned.

"Ms. Williams just said it, you dumbass." One girl laughed, throwing a piece of brocoli at him.

"Jeanylice." I smiled.

"Oh, I'm Trey." [Yes Trey Songz.]

I nodded my head, not knowing what else to say. Everyone was talking for the remainder of the dinner but I just sat there quiet since i couldn't talk to Chris cause they would think I'm crazy. I cried myself to sleep that night, I officially have no parents. I have no one-- living at that. Only Christopher, and i keep forgetting that he's dead.

* * *

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