14: Night Call

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Clementine looks over at AJ then glances over to me. She looks back at AJ and kneels down to meet his height.
"Okay, goofball. You know what Lee and Carley are?"
"Mom and dad?"
She giggles. "No, I mean, do you know what Lee calls Carley?"
"His... wife?"
"Yes now, before that they were... boyfriend and girlfriend."
AJ nods slowly, raising one eyebrow, looking a bit confused. "What does this have to do with anything?"
Clementine bites her lower lip, a habit she tends to do when she's in deep thought or when she's extremely nervous. "Violet and I are, girlfriends."
AJ pauses for a moment, narrowing his eyes then immediately shrugging. "Oh, love."
AJ then walks over to me. "But Clem is still mine."
I smile a bit, holding back my laughter. I walk over to Clementine and help her up, kissing her on the cheek. "Whatever you say Alvin Junior."
AJ stomps his feet. "Violet." He groans
I stick my tongue out at him as he starts to laugh a little as he throws himself on the couch, asking Clementine if he could turn the T.V on. Clementine turns on the T.V and sits down next to AJ, I take a seat next to Clementine as she wraps the throw blanket around the three of us. AJ switches the channel to Disco Broccoli which I don't really mind. AJ seems happy watching this show so as long as the kid's happy, I am. AJ peers over to me and raises an eyebrow.
"Vi, what's the... color on your face?"
Clementine laughs. "It's called makeup AJ. You put it on your face."
"Oh cool! Can I do it?"
I grin. "Maybe when you're older. I'mma go and wash this off."
I get up from the couch and walk to the bathroom that's in their dining room. Their house is pretty big, but not too big; pretty medium-sized. It's like my grandparent's place but a tiny bit more larger. I open the bathroom door and kick it to shut the door. I turn the sink on and start rubbing the makeup off my face with the warm water. I look up from time to time, laughing at the black mascara and eyeliner that's running down my face. One time I came home around 12 A.M from a show and my parents dropped me at my grandparents right after. I went to clean my face and I was so exhausted when I saw the black makeup dripping, I screamed and fell on my butt. My grandparents laughed when they found me in the bathroom with makeup all over my face rubbing my behind. I turn the sink off and pat my face down with a towel. I open the door, only to be escorted back in by Clementine.
"Woah what's u-
Clementine wraps her arms around my waist, staring into my eyes. I raise an eyebrow.
"You good there?"
"I-....how are you so smooth at this whole relationship thing?"
I chuckle. "You tryna be suave Everett?"
She pulls her arms away, crossing them in front of her chest. "Y-yeah."
"Well, how about I show you?"
I lightly take ahold of her arms and put them around my waist, putting my arms around her neck; I can already see her blushing. I smile and lean in for a kiss and stop until we're a breath away, seeing if she knew what I was getting at.
"I- uh, you gonna do it?"
"Lean in to close the gap."
She leans in, planting her lips on mine. I move my hands down her waist and pull her in closer, my arms basically wrap around her. She pulls away and starts to giggle a bit.
"Well, it's clear it's my first time in a relationship ain't it?"
I put my arm around her shoulder and we walk out of the bathroom. "Definitely."
We head back to the couch where AJ is perking his head up, staring at the two of us.
"What took you so long?"
"Nothing goofball."
He narrows his eyes at me and slowly sits back down in his seat, making room for the two of us. I sit down in the corner and Clem sits in the middle. The moment I sat down, my phone starts to vibrate rapidly. I get it out from my pocket, noticing it's a call from my mother; I answer it.
"Violet, where are you!?"
I shuffle in my seat a bit, straightening up my posture. "Clementine's... forgot to tell you."
She scoffs. "Forgot to tell me..."
"Mom I'm serious."
Clementine looks at me and looks at AJ who looks concerned. Clementine takes up upstairs, giving me time alone.
"Don't 'mom I'm serious' me, why are you at that girl's house?"
"Helping her babysit her brother."
"You better pack up your things, I'm coming to get you." She sternly says
"You got off work early?"
"Yes. Something's wrong with your grandparents and we're heading to see what's wrong."
I gulp. "What happened with them?"
"I'm not a know-it-all Violet. That's why we're going to them. I- hold up business call."
"Mom wa-
She hangs up the phone. I slip the phone back into my pocket and gather all my stuff into a corner of the couch as Clementine walks down the stairs.
"You need a ride?"
"No, my mom's coming to get me."
"What happened to whoever is you know, in danger I guess."
"I don't know, she doesn't know either. It seems serious though..."
I start to tear up a bit, thinking of the worst possible scenarios that could happen. Clementine walks closer to me and holds my hands. "Hey, hey it's going to be okay, alright?"
She pulls me in for a hug. I hope everything is going to be alright.

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