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"HOLD ON. HOLD the phone. We all died fighting this thing the first time around. Remember?" Klaus spoke, bringing up a good point that Carl was sure to think about.

     "Klaus, shockingly, had a point. What gives us a win this time?" Diego asked, flipping his knife in his hand subconsciously. Suddenly, a blue light of electrify crackled in front of everyone's eyes. Five appeared out of thin air, landing on top of the piece of furniture.

     Everyone jumps back in surprise, looking at the table that held Five on top of it in shock. "You guys, am I still high or do you see him, too?" Klaus asked.

     Carl shook his head, "I'm pretty sure I'm sober– I really should have gone to that eye appointment." Carl smacked his head in disappointment, getting sidetracked from the current situation at hand.

     "Five, where have you been?" Luther asked, his voice booming throughout the room. Five lazily got off the table, shaking out any bit of the discontentment he had. Allison and Luther helped him off, afterwards; stumbling as he tried to steady himself. "Who did this?"

     "Irrelevant." Five spoke, grabbing the coffee cup out of Allison's hand. He began drinking from it, like his life depended on such. Carl glances down with a worry gaze because even he didn't drink that much coffee. On the other hand, their mindsets were years apart— where Carl preferred jello smothered with whip cream to jumpstart his mornings.

"So, the apocalypse is in three days. The only chance we have to save our world is, well, us. And the addition of Carl." Five added on, Carl crossed his arm in a childish huff. He wouldn't admit it at the moment, but that's exactly what he was. Dead weight. Klaus comforted him, patting his shoulder, as if he knew what he was feeling.

"The Umbrella Academy— and Carl." Luther looked back to Carl, still unsure as to why the boy was here in the first place. Allison threw a sympathetic look, knowing she was one to drag him out here in the first place.

"Yeah, but with me, obviously. So if y'all don't get your sideshow acts together and get over yourselves, we're screwed. Who cares if Dad messed us up? Are we gonna let that define us?" Five asked, looking towards his four siblings.

Carl jumped into the conversation before the group could forget about him as a whole, "See– I know I have no room to talk and all, considering we don't share the same father, that would be weird but we're not going to stand around and let some old man tell us what we can't do! Especially since he's dead and all."

"Right..." Five trailed off, "—And to give us a fighting chance to see next week, I've come with a lead," He pulled out a price of paper from his pocket, looking down at it in pride. "I know who's responsible for the apocalypse." Allison stepped up, grabbing the piece of paper.

"This is who we have to stop." Five spoke. Allison unraveled it, revealing the name to everyone in the room. REASSIGNMENT: PROTECT HAROLD JENKINS.

"Harold Jenkins?"

"Who the hell is Harold Jenkins?"

     "Obviously— the guy who starts the apocalypse! Guys, come on, you gotta think a little faster." Carl joked, although the others weren't having it at the moment— besides Klaus, who always knew how to have a good time.

     "There's that but I don't know... yet," Five threw the now empty coffee cup behind him, discarding it like trash. "But I do know that he's responsible for the apocalypse. So we have to find him. And we have to do it now."

     "How is he connected to what's gonna happen?"

     "I don't know." Five responded, pacing around the room as if that would be much better tine spent than standing around. That was his mindset— he couldn't stop, not for one second.

     "Wait, do you just know his name? That's it?"

     "That's enough." Five defended himself, but Diego had seemed unconvinced. "We've just got to start looking then, huh."

Allison interrupted this time, "I'm sorry. Am I the only one that's skeptical here? I mean, how exactly do you know all of this about what's his name?" Carl looked towards Five for an answer, examining the way Five moved uncomfortably, groaning in pain under his breath.

"Harold Jenkins. You know those lunatics in masks who attacked the house?" Five asked, jogging everyone's memory of that night. Carl knew it as the night which caused Eudora's death. Eudora didn't die that night— but if Cha-Cha and Hazel hadn't come attacking the academy looking for Five, Eudora would have never died.

"Oh, yeah, I think I remember those guys." Klaus rubbed the back of his neck, walking a bit awry from the rest of the group.

"Yeah, the ones that attacked us while you were getting drunk." Diego spoke, recalling the time they found Five passed out in the public library with a bottle of alcohol and Delores around his arms. Klaus had sat down, Carl taking the pleasure in sitting beside him.

"Yeah, them. They were sent by the Temps Commission to stop me from coming back and preventing the end of life on Earth." With that, Carl was glad he was seated. The end of all living things was approaching rather quickly, and he had yet to see his mother and Amanda.

"The Temps what?"

"My former employer. They monitor all of time and space to make sure whatever is supposed to happen... happens. They believe the apocalypse is coming in three days. So I went to Commission headquarters and intercepted a message that was meant for said lunatics. 'Protect Harold Jenkins.' So he must be responsible for the apocalypse." Five explained.

Carl nodded, everyone stayed silent for a moment before exploding in questions. Even he had a question to ask, "Your telling me— we don't control our own lives? Damn, my Grandma thought the Government controlled us but nope— it was space and time people. Man, that's crazy."


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