Chapter 14

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We all rode the elevator down to the main floor and walked to the casino. I looked ahead of me and smiled seeing Salem hooking arms with Natalie.

They chatted amongst themselves, laughing occasionally because either of them said something funny.

I looked at Salem, scanning her outfit with my greedy eyes. The fabric taking shape of her figure. My eyes sneakily taking a glance of her ass and looking back up.

She was honestly beautiful. Her heels made her look confident as she strutted through the casino. Her personality just radiating around her, like if you accidentally entered her bubble you just couldn't stop smiling.

"What'cha staring at, Dave?" I heard someone behind me say. I stiffened up and looked behind me, finding Scotty staring at me with his eyebrows raised, arms crossed.

I nervously chuckled, turning around and playfully punching him. "Just making sure she's okay." I said. I was basically telling part of the truth, so it counts.

"Sure, okay." Scotty said rolling his eyes. We both laughed and walked along. "I know you like her, David. I see your face every time she says your name, even when she walks into the room." Scotty said.

I turned to look at him. His face being serious. "I see the way she looks at you too. Like, you're everything to her." He says.

I could feel my heart pounding against my rib cage. I haven't spoken to anyone about this, not even Natalie. I tired my best to make it seem like I felt nothing, or at least made it look like we were just close friends. I never knew how obvious I was being.

I looked back at him. "It's hard to explain. She makes me feel so happy. I could be having a shitty day, and she just makes it better. Everything she does makes me feel.." I trailed off, thinking about the word.

"Accepted?" I said questionably.

Saying the word felt like a small weight was lifted off my shoulders. I had been feeling accepted this whole time, from a human being I only met a month ago.

Scotty patted my back and hugged me into his side. "Crazy what your feelings can make you feel, right?" He said to me.

I nodded my head and sighed. "I've only known her for a month tho. That's the crazy part. I can feel myself giving into her and honestly, I'm afraid." I said truthfully.

Ever since me and Liza broke up a couple months ago, I felt like I was in autopilot. Constantly just lying in bed and not wanting to do anything. No motivation to get up and film. No motivation to do anything. That day I met Salem, Jason had convinced me to actually get up to get chipotle, instead of post-mating it. I wasn't going to get up, but going out for some fresh air sounded nice.

"You. Can never control who it happens with. Salem is good. She's honest, pretty, and she actually puts up with your crazy head." He said pushing my head a little.

I chuckled and pushed him back. "It feels too soon. A little too soon to be having feelings. I like her. A lot. I just don't want her to know. Not yet anyways. I don't want to mess up what we have now." I said. I looked down at my shoes, frowning a bit.

It felt good to talk about this with someone. At the same time, it hurt a little. I just realize how much I do like her, but not willing to admit it to her or anyone else because I'm selfish. If I told her and she didn't feel the same, I might lose her. So I'm not taking that chance. Not now at least.

"I get it man. You have a good girl in your hands. You do what feels right." Scotty said. He patted my back and I looked ahead of me. Salem was looking at me, smiling. I smiled back and started walking towards her.

I stood in front of her, smiling and enjoying the moment. "What were you and Scotty talking about?" She asked still smiling.

I felt my heart leap and I suddenly became shaky. "He said he just down about something. That we would talk more about it later." I said. I tried my hardest to seem normal about it, but I can feel my hand twitching from the lie I just told.

Salem nodded her head and looked at the slot machine we were standing by. I took out my wallet, pulling twenty dollars from it and putting it into the machine. I sat on the chair and pushed the buttons, occasionally pulling the handle.

In the end, I won nothing.

Salem chuckled at my failure and put her hands around my neck from behind me. "Don't worry dobrik. You'll get it next time." She said. She kissed the top of my head and let her arms fall to her sides.

I got up and pulled her into my side. I looked around us, looking for our group. I saw them all at some betting table, getting in a little gambling before heading to dinner.

Salem and I walked to the table, arms around each other and smiling.

"David! Scotty just hit the jackpot!" Carly said running up to us. I looked at Salem surprised, she looked back at me. Her mouth was gaped and her browns eyes wide.

"No way! How much did he get?" Sale gasped.

"I'm pretty sure he just won twenty-five thousand." Carly said. My mouth flew open and I yelled. "Holy shit!" Salem let go of me and grabbed Carly, leading her to the table.

I followed closely behind her, excited to see Scotty's reaction.

"Dude, you won the jack pot?" I said walking up behind Scotty. He turned around a smiled wide at me. "Yeah. This shits crazy." Scotty said. His face dropped, realization hitting his face.

" just won twenty-five thousand dollars!" He yelled. He held onto my shoulders and jumped up and down. I joined him by holding his arms and jumping with him. I was genuinely happy. My heart felt so happy.

Salem ran up to us and grabbed Scotty by the shoulders and continued to jump up and down with him. She pulled him into a hug and said something into his ear and he hugged her back tighter. My eyebrows furrowed, wondering what she had mentioned to him.

Scotty continued to get praised by everyone for winning thousands of dollars in money. Salem walked over to me and slung her arm around my waist, hugging my side and letting her head fall to my shoulder. "We haven't even done anything and already this night is off to a great start." Salem said.

I looked down to her and smiled. She looked up at me, smiling while she studied my face.

"Let's go do something then." I said.

Scotty was told they would give him the money by tomorrow afternoon. We all headed towards the main doors. Pushing one open, I held it for Salem and Carly who were right behind me.

I let the door close, sprinting to catch up to Salem. I threw my arm around her and she did the same.

"Let the night begin." I said smirking.


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