Catch Up (filler)

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I stared at the piles of homework on my desk. I sighed. Again? Oh well. I sat down, turned on my lamp, and got right to work. Wait.. Wait.. THEY ARE HOLDING A PRIVATE SPORTS FESTIVAL FOR ME!? I get to fight everyone!! I squeaked, and checked the date. Tomorrow. I grinned. Oh. Yes. I will kick everyone's a-- uhm, butts. PG-13!! I did as much as I could before Momo came in and told me it was light's out. "Excited for your festival tomorrow?" She asked. I grinned. "Heck yeah I am." I said. I crawled into my bed, and Momo switched off the lamp. "Goodnight, baby sis." She said. "Goodnight, one-san." I snuggled into bed, and she smiled. 

I woke up bright and early. I was ready! I changed into my warming, flexible suit. It would keep me warm if I used my quirks. Then I put on the regular outfit everyone wore. I was so scared. What if Manipulate or Manifest didn't work. They would. I know they will. Plus, I had Demon. I ran to where it was being held. I grabbed a quick breakfast on the way there. I was so hyped! I looked at the chart. I was up against.. Denki first. Ooh.. This is going to be so much fun.


After that last sentence I was going to put *insert evil smile here* but I decided against it. Anyway, this is just a filler chapter. It was just getting up to the actual point. I've got a feeling the next chapters are going to be parts! Part 1, part 2, maybe a part 3 too! (Also expect some other anime references and random other names you might have heard!)

Love you muchly,


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