19 | the dome

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"I miss my bed," Hyunjin says for about the billionth time the past minute, whining about the cold and about why winter couldn't whizz by like summer did

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"I miss my bed," Hyunjin says for about the billionth time the past minute, whining about the cold and about why winter couldn't whizz by like summer did. The boy hugs his paper bag full of warm donuts to keep heat to himself.

"I want to sleep," he continues, "I want to roll off my bed and crash on to the floor."

"Wow, I never knew walking outside would be this tiring," Hyunjin says, genuine about what he's feeling and not realising they were outside now. Yujin only spares him a glance and continues to walk, not minding his business.

A gust of cool wind brushes against the two students, sweeping their hair up with it making the young boy press the paper bag to his cheeks and nose to warm them up.

"And it's cold too," he whimpers from the cold, shuddering that the wave of shiver trailing down his spine and cursing at the familiar pressure on his forehead.

Sighing, Hyunjin pinches the top of the bridge of his nose to lessen the throbbing feeling but as he breathes in more of the cold air, the feeling gets worse each time.  "Today has been such a bad day I'm ready to pass out here," Hyunjin announces with Yujin still ignoring him, her paces steady as they walk down the hill from the castle.

"You have sinus?" Yujin asks him casually after being silent for most of the time.

"Only recently," he explains, "I don't think I've ever had something like this until this year, actually."

Kwon Yujin seems to be deep in thought but Hyunjin pays no attention as she shrugs it off and walks into the Forbidden Forest casually, winding around twigs and branches of the low hanging tree trunks. She doesn't seem to show any signs of fear; the dirt road had almost disappeared due to the lack of people walking on it, there's an eerie blue-ish glow from the other side of the shadows the trees make, you can see dust floating in the air from the light breaking through the branches of the silent forest. Hyunjin feels as if something might jump out of the shadows and attack them, ripping the last remaining string of sanity from the boy.

What were the professors thinking!? Blocking the dorm room entrance, not letting go out alone and keeping the school on lock down?

Grumbling about the temperature as he follows Yujin closely, Hyunjin wishes he could apparate inside of Hogwarts grounds. He knows this part is still part of the grounds, he could see Hagrid's dimly lit hut far in the distance and the castle still looming over the two behind him. Even if they're outside, he would get repelled out and the apparition would send him to the boundary of the grounds.

The sixth year follows the female behind a rustle of branches of trees, leading them to a secluded clearing, protected by a dome of vines and lush leaves. Faint moonlight is shining through the breaks of vines but they were not enough to light an entire space and so, Yujin pulls something out of her pocket.

Hyunjin's eyes go wide when the girl flicks open whatever she has in her hands and small balls of light shoot out from it, and one by one, lamps that are hung high around the ceiling begins to light up.

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