A Welcomed Entrance Part 20

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30th April 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

When the door opened, the concierge was waiting since he was the one who organised the cab for us. It didn't escape my notice that we were getting some really good looks from everyone probably wondering who we were dressed as we were and where we were going. Not that it was any of their business.

He directed us to the cab waiting at the kerb for us and after he helped us enter, he waved us off with a huge smile. It was juts a short drive and I had to give the driver a larger tip than normal for any inconvenience this caused him.

" Nah, Love. I consider it a right privilege to be able to drive such a right pretty lady as yourself around. Even though it was just a short trip. Take my card. Call me if you need me to come back and get you." The accent put me off a bit. But I thanked him most kindly as we stepped out after having the valet parking come and open the door when we pulled up at the private entrance on the side of the building.

Once I had my down straightened and checked the boys to make sure they were also looking schmick, we started to follow the directions the valet gave us.

I walked with Xavier beside me with the twins at our backs. It was like some sort of conversation had been had with the boys between them when they automatically moved into this formation. Looking through a glass wall, we could see some sort of exhibition was held.

I heard someone mention Felven at one point and knew I was going to have to make a visit back here is she is the artist being shown. I bought all her books when the boys were born, not that there were many. But I kept up with them all as the boys grew. Finding out that Heaven's Love was actually the artist Felven was a bonus. For me that is.

Plus, I know her mother.

Anyway, we made our way to the lifts where we had to show our invitations before getting on. Then after making some light chitchat, we made our way out where we were met with security who vetoed our invitations. What helped was that Deb was nervosuly standing nearby watching this area.

" Rene, you are here." She called out moment before getting grabbed into her arms for a hug. Then she hugged the boys as well.

" Oh my word. You all look exquisite. Especially you Rene." I had to help her pronounce my name properly. It might be pronounced Doreene when calling me that. But when calling me Rene, it was pronounced Reen-ee, not Reen. So, that's what she calls me now.

" You look lovely Deb." I said to her with a smile after the security left us. She was wearing a rather pretty flouncy soft blue fluffy looking dress that was high waisted and draped to the floor. It had a boat neckline and sleeves that went down to the elbows covered in lace.

" Thank you. I do like your dress. Just what is appropriate for these kinds of events." She said with a smile. But she hadn't seen it all yet and certainly not from behind.

With Xavier holding out his elbow to me, I slid my arm through his with him holding out his other one to Deb who blushed a little when he did that with a smile. I looked back to see the boys had their serious faces on which told me they were feeling a little nervous.

Deb was leading us through the more than I expected crowd as she looked for her husband who we will finally meet. She had just been telling us that Doug and his family were up on the roof among that group of people with a ramp that lead up the side where we were going to head up shortly.

At one point, I thought I saw someone who was familiar to me which unsettled me momentarily. But I was not too sure. But if I meet him, I will know if I actually do. Then Deb called out when we approached one area int he corner of the room where I saw, of all people, Ollie standing there beside a man who looked eerily like he did. Just older.

" Hello dear. This is Doreene and her family." She spoke which garnished the attention of the family.

" Hi there Bryce. Hi Jasper. Hello Zavvy." Randi spoke before anyone else said anything.

" What the?" Her husband looked at the boys in shock when he obviously recognised who they take after in the biological department of thier family. I ignored him at the moment while Deb was explaining again who we were.

When I looked at the boys, I saw that Xavier's face as a bit pink on it as he looked everywhere but at Randi who was standing right in front of him smiling while she clasped her hands and bounced from one foot to the other in her soft organza dress which was swaying with every bounce.

I think Randi's father is just now getting the idea that his daughter has a bit of a love interest going if the frowns he is giving the two are anything to go by.

As we had moved through the room, I noticed, as did the boys, that some of the other guests present tonight were giving us some curious looks wondering who we were. We just ignored them.

" Hello, I'm Cortland Winton." Deb's husband said as he reached out to shake our hands. Then we wandered throughout the room familiarizing ourselves with what and how was important.

I met a few of the other organizers that were on the committee who I thought were very nice people and thanks them for including us in their event. Then Deb looked at me as she mentioned it was time to go meet some other people. I just nodded at her since I knew who she meant as did the boys.

Then, with Deb walking with her husband and with Oliver escorting me this time with Randi who was walking with Zavvy, and the boys behind them following us, we all headed to the ramp that was going to take us up to the top level where all the action was. We did stop and say hello to a few people who stopped to say hello to Deb and Cort.

This whole time while this was happening, Ollie didn't say a word to me. But I can tell that he was very aware I was there. he kept looking at me. Like he has since I met the man.

When we were introduced to others, we got some rather questioning looks from a few of the other guests before we moved on. It was mostly the boys who was getting the looks and not my dress like I thought. But there is still time to show it off.

At least I got a reaction from Ollie when he saw me turn around in it. His sudden intake of breath told me. I tried not to smile. Not too much anyway.

I just smiled and followed the older couple ahead of us while nodding to others as we passed them. 

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