Nice Accommodations Part 19

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30th April 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

The Driskill was a lovely older hotel that was historically well known for it's guests. The suite we had reserved was one of it's best. The boys got the second bedroom with the twins having to share one of the beds with Xavier using the other one for himself. But that doesn't bother them since they still do on a regular basis when they have a late night doing whatever.

And, to be honest, I would normally just get ourselves something with a comfortable bed and a restaurant close by. But for this event, I thought we would go all out. They had a variety of restaurants below us that provide breakfast lunch and dinner if we did not want to have it in the room.

Which I can afford to do anyway. Just not every day. I wouldn't be very comfortable if  had to live like this every day and not start doing the cleaning. Which there was a lot of with the marble floors as we came in.

I also noticed that you can also hire a horse drawn carriage for a tour around town. I thought that would be nice to do. With or without the kids.

The second bedroom was not as huge as I thought it would be. But it had everything in it that made it comfortable with desks and lounges to accommodate the guests. I also liked that we had a small balcony that overlooked the street below and gave us a view of the central district.

Mind you, I was mostly happy with where we lived in the country where the air was fresher and the noise minimal. But we don't do the city thing very often. We noticed that some of the streets here  were old with old paving that denotes the history and heritage of the city. I thought it gave the town character.

The boys were looking forward to doing some sightseeing. But as long as they stuck to the main thoroughfares and not down some side streets which can cause a problem for tourists.

" No, mother. We are going to stick with the tourist routes doing tours instead. That way, we get free shit to bring back." I raised my brow at what Jasper said just then before he realized that it was his mother he just swore at.

I just grunted at that while turning away. I was more concerned that the dress I bought was going to be smart enough even after Deb told me about the one she was going to wear. I did not want to cause my sons any embarrassment if I was not dressed appropriately for this event since there were going to be some exceptionally high rolling people there.

I didn't care about anyone else. Just my sons and brother too.

Deb had mentioned that most of the ladies usually go to Z Couture for their dresses so I thought I would check them out. The dresses that needed to be worn all had to be floor length. That was one of the conditions. What went above that was up to the discretion of the wearer. I thought that was interesting.

" We do see some colorful and intriguing dresses at a few of these events with all the women trying to out do each other. So, apart from the length, we all usually go all out and have a little bit of competition going." Deb said when I asked her about it.

" What did you say that the aim of this event was for?" I asked her again.

" It's to raise funds for one of the local foster care programs for children either removed from or abandoned by their families. We do several a year for the local ones in the state. Not just in Austin. But with the storms here recently, some buildings were affected and need to be rebuild and refurbished since insurance didn't cover everything that needed replacing. Hence the price of the tickets to get in." She said to me. So, I thought, why not go all out like some of the others were. 

But what the boys did surprised me. They all wore the same suits and even the same ties. They looked so handsome in their dark grey suits. The only difference with the boys was that Bryce wore a black silk shirt and Jasper wore a soft off white silk shirt. Xavier was dressed like Bryce with a dark shirt as well. Then they challenged me to get an outfit to match their ties. So, I started looking. 

Silver lined with lace. That was what their ties looked like.

 It was easy to see that the designed looked more like... conforming to a certain style which I was not comfortable with. It was that or I just didn't see anything I wanted to wear anyway.

Although, I did see one Jovani dressed I actually did like. But I thought I might be too old for it to suit me. And, it was rather revealing as well. Then I saw an Alyce dress that I kept getting drawn back to. But it was the wrong color. I decided to just shop in the smaller sectors and get something that was from someone unknown and after shopping for the whole day on my own, I finally found the dress I was looking for.

 I decided to just shop in the smaller sectors and get something that was from someone unknown and after shopping for the whole day on my own, I finally found the dress I was looking for

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What was special about it is that it looks quite modest from the front. But when you get closer, you get to see that there are no sides under the arms or that is had a lowish bowled style back to it. It does not go down to my lower back.  Just above my waist line. I was too uncomfortable for anything less that. But it covered everything that needs to be covered.

When the boys saw it, they just snorted. But they only saw the front. Not the rest when I moved in it. I just smiled because I knew what they would say when they saw me move in it.

Which they did the moment we started leaving the hotel room.

I had organised a taxi cab to be waiting for us when we emerged from the hotel. The event was just around the block, but I did not want to walk anywhere in this dress.

I made sure that I had our tickets in my clutch purse along with some ID and a lippy to do some touch up if necessary. I took one last look in the mirror and checked that I looked all right with the simple earrings the only jewellery I wore.

I saw that my hair looked just right as it layered down over one shoulder and clipped with a matching hair piece to the earrings before finally walking out to meet the boys in the outer lounge room where they stood there shocked that I looked like I did.

" All right, men. Let's get this show on the road." I said to them in a sharp voice after I inspected them. Yes, my outfit did perfectly match their ties.

" What the..?" Bryce called out when I turned my back to them all.

" Shut those mouths, they will catch flies." I said to them with a smirk. It is not every day that they get to see their mother looking like this.

" Shit, mother. How the hell could you get to look so hot like that?" I heard behind me and smiled.

" Idiot. You can't say things like that. She's our mother." I heard Bryce say after I think I heard him smack his twin up the back of the head if the sound I just heard was anything to go by.

When I turned around after stepping into the lift and saw Jasper trying to smooth his hair down while giving his twin a mean look. I just smiled as we descended down to the foyer. We did all scrub up very well, I thought.

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