A Bull By The Horns Part 18

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30th April 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

Since my sons are of an age to make their wishes be made known, any court would take them very strongly into consideration should this go to court. 

When I spoke to Bob, Robert Marshall who was our lawyer, he said it was most likely not going to come to anything since the boys paternal family refused to both acknowledge or even support them in any way since they did acknowledge their existence legally when sending those legal letters refusing to have anything to do with them.

It also helped my case that I had regularly sent letters to Doug letting him know of our sons progress growing up every few months. Letters which had been returned as rejected. All of which I kept so that the boys would know that I had tried to inform their father of how they were and what they did. It didn't matter that they had moved to another state. 

They had left a forwarding address at the post office and when the letters were returned, it had their forwarded address on them.

One thing he did mention to me was that because neither Doug or I were married, I would have to prove paternity should this go to court.

" Why would I have to be the one to prove it? He would be the one forcing the custody." I asked him after a thought came to mind about it.

" It is just the way the court system works here in America." Bob said with a smile.

" I am still not going to be forcing a paternity test on the boys. That can come from him." I bluntly said to my lawyer. 

I have a good legal relationship with Bob, and his wife whose mother we have listed as a client with us. So, I know that Bob won't steer us wrong and if something comes up he is not sure of. He just gets himself up and goes looking into the law to find out for us. He is also my business lawyer as well. So, I trust him.

I asked Bob what other options there are that would not make it hard for my sons in the future?

" Since they are just about eighteen now, it would be very doubtful that anyone, including their biological father, would be able to take this matter to court. Any judge in their right mind would know it instantly that it would be futile to do so." I was sort of assured. But only just and not completely.

" I still do not like this. I really do not want the boys caused any kind of upset at the moment. They are in the middle of sitting for their exams along with organizing their further educational courses." I mumbled as I thought of what to do. Any upset right now would through their emotions into turmoil and cause their studying to be put off.

They would not get the results they would normally get otherwise. So, I was very concerned at the moment that nothing bothered them.

" You mentioned that you also heard from a reliable source that the boys other grandfather was going to make waves when he finds out about them." Bob was writing notes as we spoke.

" So someone close to him said to me. It was the reason they actually came to visit." I went on to relate a little about Deb and what she said to us.

" You can always take the bull by the horns and confront the lot of them. That would certainly stir up some slight kerfuffling in the arena." He mentioned to me with a grin.

" Kerfuffling is not a word I'll have you know." I grinned right back at him. But I knew what he meant.

We chatted a bit more but what he said about confronting them all had given me something to think about. 

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