Part 2

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We didn't expect to see a boy in our bins, but we did- and when he ran off, I wanted to find him. 
Eventually I did, and I'd brought him back to our house, he was so childish. I wonder why he was homeless though. There's not many homeless people these days, that was stopped almost completely in 2387, when the population of earth dipped to 8 billion, and as people recovered from this, many, many new houses were built. However, on the odd occasion, there will be a homeless person on the street- not that many though. Probably only around 5 a year are seen- however this boy, is a regular, known in town for rummaging through people's trash to find food. He was strange, people mocked him, but he ignored it all, contuining to rummage through trash cans.

'Right hon, you, need a bath, would you like to have one?'
'What scent shampoo and conditioner?' I ask him, but he took no notice, playing with my hand.
'Hmm, I think you'll like the raspberry ones,'
'My friend says that I shouldn't trust strangers. You're nice though. He'll like you,'
'Mhm, he likes nice people,'
'I bet he does, hm, I'm gonna put some on my finger so that you can you smell it, don't eat it, alright?'
'Okay, what is it?'
'This one is raspberry, tell me if you like how it smells,'
'I dunno how to wash coz I wasn't allowed to,' he states simply.
'That's alright, I'll help,' dealing with the boy was just like dealing with my younger brother, so I helped him out.  
'My Da says clouds are like marshmallows,' he whispers.
'Where is your 'Da'?' I ask quietly, hoping it didn't upset him.
'I show you soon,' 

He eventually did show me where his 'Da' was, leading me back out to a rose bush in town. There was a man sitting in mud, eyes closed but breathing heavily, though I could tell the man was awake.
'Who's there?' he grumbled.
'D-Da?' the man opened his eyes, eyeing both me and Luke.
'Luke,' he spat, almost disgusted. 
'H-Hi. My friend wants to see you,' 
'Fuck off Luke,' 
'H-Hug first,'

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