Chapter 47: Scapegoat

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The more I read, the more my dislike grows for Jiang Quan. :(


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The days passed like the water of a swiftly flowing river. Jiang Li maintained her previously bossy and domineering demeanour. Thus, from time to time, she would utter a few provocative words, but Jiang Ruan simply ignored her. However, there was a subtle shift in Jiang Su Su and her mother's attitude towards her. She did not know if it was because, at present, she viewed people differently, or if Jiang Su Su and her mother had become unsettled and were unable to maintain their usual calm demeanour. On several occasions, their words to her had a retaliatory, 'tit-for-tat' undertone. And, although the Old Jiang Madame neither favoured nor ill-treated[1]Jiang Ruan, she also did not make a deliberate effort to suppress Jiang Ruan either. Then, in the blink of an eye, it was time for Jiang Quan and Jiang Chao to return to the Jiang fu.

[1] Bu xian bu dan ( 不咸不淡 ) - literally, neither salty nor bland.

As it was nearly the close of the year, there were many social engagements in the bureaucratic circle. Initially, Jiang Quan had mentioned that he would be home a few days earlier. However, some complicated situations had occurred, which meant that as a result his return had been postponed until that day. Xia Yan was naturally extremely happy. She had already given orders for everything to be tidied up and to begin various preparations, only saying that they should have a lively reunion dinner[2]. As Jian Quan had worked hard for the members of the Jiang household for the entire year, he deserved a huge feast.

[2] Tuan nian fan ( 团年饭 ) - the night before the new year (according to the Chinese i.e. lunar calendar), family members gather to feast together. This is traditionally known as the 'reunion' dinner, as family members from near and far make it a point to come home for the dinner (FYI, daughters who are married are considered a part of their husbands' families). There is a lot of food at the reunion dinner . . . 

Jiang Li and Jiang Su Su were also very happy. Even though Jiang Su Su's expression was calm and moderate, she too could not stop smiling. Although Jiang Quan did not treat his di daughter with kindness, he was really affectionate towards Jiang Su Su. In her previous life, that he was willing to embrace the Emperor, who had offended the officials, was an inkling of how far he would go in order to protect Jiang Su Su. Jiang Su Su held the position of the one he was most proud of out of all his daughters. After all, not only did he lavish all his affection on Jiang Su Su, he even used Jiang Ruan to pave the way for Jiang Su Su. Now, upon looking back on this, she did not know whether to respond with sorrow or anger.

It could only be said that Jiang Quan must truly love Xia Yan, and so, he correspondingly lavished much affection on their beloved daughter, which led Jiang Chao to behave in a similar fashion. On the other hand, Jiang Quan had never paid attention to Jiang Ruan or Jiang Xin Zhi. He had never beaten or scolded them, but had never treated them with warmth either, to the extent that they seemed like two insignificant outsiders. Even Jiang Li did not receive such treatment as the family connections of her mother, Second Yiniang, gave Jiang Quan a good reputation. Only these two siblings were always neglected.

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