Part 1

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I thought I was in trouble, I didn't want to be in trouble but I was hungry- I haven't eaten in about three days. I was in somebodies garden, I was in their bins, looking for some food- and I guess they heard me, because soon three boys came outside and saw me. I flinched back when they approached me, but none of them hurt me. Just as they caught me, I'd found a baguette, so I grabbed it and ran out of their garden before they could get any closer. I saw one of them behind me when I got to my bench, but I didn't care, I just wanted to eat. The guy took the baguette from my hands, but gave me something else that looked fresh, before sitting next to me holding two milkshakes.
'Hey kid, what's your name?'
'Oh I'm Ashton, and I'm 18, you?'
'I-I?' he nods at me '16 J-July 3296,'
'Is that your birthday hon?'
'So you're 16. What's your name?'
'I-I uh- um, na-ame?'
'Do you know what a name is?' 
'Like that, yeah your title,'
'L-Luke He-He-mmings,'
'That's a very nice name,' I started to eat the food and the man stayed where he was, which scared me a little.
I felt someone throw something at me, but did nothing, because I was happy just eating.
'Hey, what was that for?' the man yelled at the person who threw the stone.
'I dunno he stinks,' the man tuts, grabbing my hand and making me walk with him.
'Have you got him Ash?'
'Yeah, hang on,' 

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