chapter 22

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Ariana had pointed out more than once y/n's change, as well as many of her employees, who often stopped to chat with her in front of the elevators, instead of greeting her with a nod and lowering the head intimidated.

She was happy.

For the first time in many years, y/n y/l/n was really happy and it was all thanks to the girl that she was looking at with eyes full of love at that moment. Y/n had reached the gallery after work and sat with her computer to attend extra work, while Camila  ended some of her paintings. The exhibition was approaching and Camila was revved up, eager to finish everything as soon as possible; that was the reason why she had been forced to tell y/n, she would remain in the studio for the entire weekend, y/n had not thought twice to join her. 

She did not care to stay just to watch Camila painting for hours, the only thing she cared about was to be able to spend some quality time with her. And it was what she was doing: staring at her from her position waiting for the take-away dinner. Camila was beautiful: her hair done up in a braid, her face dirty with color, the salopette that, like the first time she had seen her, did not cover much. Y/n could clearly see the black lace bra through the side neckline and the matching panties every time Camila bent forward to examine a detail. 

She was brought back to reality by the light knock at the door and she stood up, trying to regain her composure and stop her heart from beating frantically in her chest. She reached for the money in her wallet and gave them to the delivery guy, before taking the bag without waiting for the change and then she went back into the studio. Camila was watching the canvas with thoughtful expression, a brush in her mouth and her arms crossed on her chest. She sighed with happiness as she felt y/n's warm chest squeeze against her back and her lips touch her cheek tenderly.

“Why don’t you take a break?” she asked in a soft voice. “Eat something and then start again.”

“In a while.” she assured her. “I need to finish some details before they get out of my mind.”

Y/n nodded gently kissing her bare shoulder, smiling when she heard Camila sigh in her arms and, unable to control herself, she turned to unite her mouth with Camila's in a gentle kiss. It was when y/n's hands slipped into the salopette and went down to the legs in a gentle cares that Camila sighed in her arms.

“y/n...” she murmured on her lips trying to hold back a moan when y/n's fingers reached her thighs. “I have to finish here otherwise, ohh…” she bit her lip as the fingers went to her covered sex before quickly stepping away.

“Hurry up then.” y/n said before removing her hand. “Or dinner will become cold.” she gave her another kiss on her bare shoulder and untied her from the embrace.

Camila took a shaky breath and tried to recover her mental faculties, staring at the painting in front of her. A smile appeared on her lips when she realized what she needed in order to make the painting perfect and she had to thank y/n for that. That exhibition would have been great, the springboard of her career and she wanted everything to be perfect. She grabbed the brush and picked up where she had stopped, feeling y/n clearly move across the studio preparing everything for the dinner.

She spent at least another twenty minutes in what she was doing but when it was over she considered herself absolutely satisfied with her work. Camila smiled at the painting and she put down the brush before switching her sweaty forehead, regardless of the color strips that were left on her skin. When she turned, y/n was busy reading some document, so she decided not to disturb her. Camila walked to the bathroom to wash her hands quickly and to finally enjoy the dinner that her girlfriend had ordered.

Her girlfriend.

It was still so unreal to think about y/n in those terms, especially if she remembered how things had been different at the beginning. When they met in that same gallery, they were married, at least on paper, but they were two unknown and complete different pe ople . After five months, Camila had understood that she could not live without y/n in her life and she was sure that y/n felt the same way .  When she returned to the studio, y/n looked up and smiled and Camila's heart jumped, just as it did every time the woman addressed her that kind of attention. Camila bent down to kiss her softly and took her place beside y/n, watching hungrily what the girl had ordered. 

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