chapter 21

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Camila fiddled with her straw, waiting for cara to come back, she was absent for nearly ten minutes because of a mysterious call. She thought of the phone call she had with y/n a few hours before. Apparently, things had not gone as y/n had expected and she needed to stay in Los Angeles for a few more days, or even for another week. The thing was becoming quite difficult for Camila, she could not wait to see y/n again and even though she had learned to live without her for six years, after having spent all those months seeing her every day, she realized she wasn’t able to live without her.

When cara had invited her out for a drink, she had accepted without a second thought. She really needed to get distracted by the amount of work that had invested her in the past few days and by y/n's absence that was starting to become difficult to manage. She had the impression that cara had the same kind of problem, then an evening between friends was the medicine they both needed.

She took a sip of her drink and watched the people in the room, trying to distract her mind from the constant thought of y/n. She jumped when a hand rested on her shoulders and she turned abruptly, ready to yell at cara for scaring her. When she turned she only saw a pair of y/e/c eyes that swallowed her up instantly.

“y/n...” she sighed breathlessly.

When the smile, that now she was used to see on y/n's lips, appeared, Camila stood up.

“Surprise.” she said with a shrug. “The problem that has arisen was solved in a short tim-”

Y/n did not have time to finish the sentence, Camila's lips closed on hers and instinctively y/n's hands came to rest on her back to squeeze her. The world vanished: three weeks were too long and Camila wanted to make up for the lost time.

“I missed you too.” y/n murmured.

“You have no idea, y/n.” Camila whispered, squeezing her neck with force. “You have no idea.” y/n smiled and started a new kiss, passionate and full of ardor, Camila's hands scratched her neck.

“You owe me ten bucks.” Ariana said as she set her briefcase on the table with a thud. “Not even twenty seconds.”

Cara chuckled and kissed her nose. “You cannot talk, it was the same with you.” she pointed out.

“But we're married.” she replied, before realizing what she had just said. “The young ladies here are just dating.” she made the sign of the quotation marks with her fingers. “Although the indecent messages they have exchanged one another yesterday suggest that they are beyond that point.”

This forced both to break away and y/n addressed her an annoyed look, before turning her attention to Camila.

“I wanted to surprise you, I could not wait to see you, to hold you, to kiss you…” she muttered, passing her tongue on the edge of her mouth.

Camila returned the treatment sucking her lower lip and she was delighted by the little moan that y/n let out and her hands shook y/n's hips, pulling her closer.

“Okay, okay!” Ariana said, clapping her hands. “I'm not drunk enough to hold up all of this.”

“And here I make a step forward.” cara said, waving the bottle of champagne she held. “While waiting for these two, I have taken the trouble to buy this bottle to celebrate the upcoming merger.”

camila put her arm around y/n's waist and she held her tightly, as if their closeness was not enough, while she watched Ariana open the bottle and pour the liquid into four glasses.

“To our wonderful qualities of businesswomen.” Ariana said.

“To my talents of businesswomen and to your skills as a lawyer.” y/n pointed with a raised eyebrow.

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