chapter 17

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Ariana knew she did not have to but y/n had ignored every single call she made and after the way she stepped outside her office in blind rage, she needed to make sure y/n did not do something stupid. But when she had entered the apartment using the spare key that y/n had given her for emergencies, she had found it strangely silent, so she decided to wait for her.

When y/n had returned a few hours later, Ariana was scared to note that her eyes were dull and cold as she’d never ever seen before. They had been friends for a lifetime, they both had seen the best and worst of each other. They had lived together adolescence, high school, a life of hard choices, love gone bad, loss of parents, girlfriends’ death...

But when she met her eyes, Ariana had understood that this would not have been an easy obstacle to overcome, no matter how much their friendship was strong and had resisted at the worst storms.

Y/n stared at her intently, her jaw tight in a painful grip and her eyes full of fire. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

Then Ariana took her time to stare at her, noticing the way one of her expensive shirts was rolled up under her breasts, the way her pants were dirty with paint and marks on her neck.

“y/n, wha-”

“What are you doing here?” she asked in a hard voice.

Then Ariana stood up from the couch and took a few steps towards her, surprised when her friend made one back, putting distance between them and that gesture wounded her more than she wanted to admit.

“I came to make sure you didn't do something crazy but mostly to explain myself.”

Y/n laughed without humor. “You have nothing to explain.” she said sharply. “You're not my nanny, Ariana, I can do what I want, when I want.”

“Y/n...” she began shaking her head. “I know it was wrong not to tell you but you were so happy when you told me about Camila the first time, so I decided to give you some time to know her. And above all that was Camila's place to tell you the truth.” she continued, noticing her friend's eyes darken with every word. “Then you pulled out the contract and -”

“And you let me humiliate myself!” y/n growled angrily. “You let me, your friend of a lifetime, act like a damn dog wagging and you left me at the mercy of-” she froze in mid-sentence and closed her eyes tightly.

When she did, her mind was invaded by memories of a few hours before: intertwined bodies, moans, burning kisses, brown eyes and a strong feeling that she had done nothing but fill her heart with each touch.

“Don't be mean.” Ariana said. “God, y/n, I've never seen you so happy as in Camila's company and yes, I was wrong, I know.” she put it clear.

“Wrong? You've practically stabbed me in the back! Apart from being my lawyer, you're my friend, my best friend.”

“I know and-” 

“It was your duty to tell me, it was your duty to preserve my heart. I opened up to Camila, I told her about Victoria, my parents and now everything has gone to hell!”

“She wanted to tell you, y/n, she really wanted but there was no chance-”

Y/n laughed, a loud and feelingless laughter. Those were the same words that Camila had said and for some reason hearing them from Ariana mouth, from one of the few people she had left, it was even worse.

“She hasn't got a chance?!” she said angrily. “She spent a week alone with me, I opened my heart to her and in return I received only lies!”

“Jesus, y/n, listen to me!” Ariana shouted trying to get her attention and to make her way into her stubbornness armor. “Camila wanted to tell you, she asked me to wait to give you the divorce papers because she wanted to be the one to tell you.” she continued. “She knew it was wrong but also the way you approached her was wrong, now you can't blame her for acting in this way.”

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