chapter 15

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Y/n toyed with the pen she was holding in her hand, as she listened to the endless ranting of the person at the other side of her phone, who was listing the advantages the y/l/n corporation would have from their collaboration. She watched the city through the big window of her office, giving just a few distracted words in answer to all those statements, desperately trying to focus on the conversation. She finally decided to end the call; y/n asked him to schedule an appointment with her secretary, to have the chance to discuss the details face to face. The light on the earphone she had on, turned off with the ending of the call and y/n's unfocused gaze stayed fixed on Washington, lost in the beauty of the city at her feet.

She was happy.

After a very long time, y/n had placed her happiness into someone else's hands and even if she was feeling strange in doing so, she couldn’t help it. Camila was the object of all her thoughts, after just six days without seeing her or hearing from her, she was missing her like she’d never thought it was possible. Her thoughts were filled of brown eyes and dark hair, of a soft voice and a bright smile that somehow had found the way to melt her ice cold heart. If she closed her eyes, she could still feel the way Camila touched her, she could feel the heat of her skin and she could smell her scent. 

“Would you like me to leave you alone with the window?”

Ariana's voice shook her off of her thoughts and y/n turned to the door, a little smile playing around her lips. The lawyer stepped inside her office, a pile of papers in her hands and an eyebrow lifted in her direction. Y/n's change was all too evident to her, Ariana had seen it in her eyes as soon as she was back at work after the week she’d spent with Camila. 

She was glowing.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen y/n's eyes shine like that; the light has started to leave them after her mother’s death, when Victoria's death hit her, the light in y/n's eyes went off completely. It was unbelievable how Camila managed to bring her back to life in only one week. 

“Do you need anything?” y/n asked, moving away from the window.

“I just need a couple of signatures.” Ariana answered.

Y/n nodded taking the papers the lawyer was handing to her, she got lost for a few minutes into the words she was reading, before signing at the end of the paper.

“Are the plans for tonight still on?” y/n asked, giving the papers back to her. 

Ariana nodded. “Same place, same time. I just had to make the last arrangements for Cara's gift.”

“I can do it for you.” When she saw Ariana's mouth open to answer, she quickly added. “You know it’s not a problem for me and I was thinking of leaving early today, a diversion will not be a problem.”

“You leaving early?!” Ariana asked lifting an eyebrow “Are you sure you’re alright, y/n? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you leave the office early in my whole life.”

Y/n smiled with a shrug. “The paperworks are sorted out, the appointments scheduled, my presence is not needed.” She answered. “And I still have to get Cara a gift, I would never show up empty handed at her birthday party.”

Ariana decided not to answer, she knew y/n had already told her enough, even in her own vague way. “I’ll see you tonight, try not to be late, y/l/n.” She warned her, pointing a finger to her as she walked to the door.

“I’m never late, who do you think I am?” y/n laughed.

Ariana rolled her eyes. “I’ll call you later to let you know if I need help with my present, okay?”

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