Swapped Eight

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Chloe walked inside the mall with her best friend, Sabrina, on her side. Her eyes was quick to see Alya, and she smirked as she headed towards her.

"Well if it isn't the loser," Chloe folded her arms, waiting for Alya to say something, but Alya just ignored her. Hmphf! Nobody has the guts to ignore her, Chloe Bourgeois, daughter of the mayor. "So, you're alone today. Why isn't Marinette with you?"

Alya rolled her eyes and turned to Chloe. "Marinette is busy. Why do you even care anyway?"

"She's busy? I guess she's got better things to do than hang out with you," Chloe said and Sabrina giggled at her side. "Whatever. Be this way then! Ignore me just to hide the fact that Marinette doesn't want to be around you." She turned to Sabrina. "Come on, let's go!"

They were about to walk away from Alya, when the door to the mall suddenly banged opened. The villain walked inside, and people were quick to drop what they were holding and make a run for it.

Alya gasped when she saw the villain. She remembered seeing her... That villain that hadn't been defeated yet.... Exchanger! She grabbed her bags and ran to hide, but suddenly she couldn't move anymore.

Exchanger had pointed a finger at Alya, stopping her from moving at all. She then turned to Chloe, who was giggling at the thought of Alya being in this state.

"You... Bully!" Exchange her yelled. She pointed her wand at Chloe, but Chloe just laughed.

"It's just so much fun to see people being so useless with their life, because they can never be as rich as me!" She gave Exchanger a grin. "Why did you turn into a villain? Because you were jealous that you couldn't he just like me?"

"Pah, why would anyone want to turn into a brat like you?!" Exchanger laughed. Then she turned to Alya. "But I'm sorry I'm going to do this. Chloe, it's time you see how it is to live like a normal person!"

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Chloe exclaimed. "Sabrina, call my father for me. This villain is being a creep, because first of all, I am a normal person. It's not my fault that people aren't up to my level yet!"

Exchanger glared at her, before she made something come out of the wand, hitting Chloe before she could dodge it. Exchanger then turned to Alya and did the same thing. As Alya tried to move again, she was finally able to, but once she turned to Chloe, she froze.

"Chloe...?" Chloe didn't look like herseld any more. Sabrina was off to the side, covering her mouth, probably just trying to not laugh at what was going on in front of her.

"Alya...?" Chloe looked up at Alya... But only saw herself instead. Once she saw it, she screamed, and rushed to the nearest dressing room. She took a look at the mirror, and screamed some more.

The door of the mall was banged opened again, and Ladybug and Chat Noir hurried inside. They had been notified that Exchanger was going to be here.

"Alright, Chat Noir, it's time we do this again!" Marinette spoke, getting ready to fight. "This time we have to do it right and not fail."

Adrien stopped and looked at her. "Um... I'm Ladybug now. Remember that we switched kwamis and for some reason can't switch back? You're Chat Noir!"

Marinette gave him a glare. "Does it really matter? I can call you whatever I want to call you."

"Right," Adrien faced Exchanger again. Exchanger giggled when she saw them there.

"Still exchanged, are you now?" The villain didn't even try to not laugh. She just bursted out laughing in the middle of the mall, as if what she saw was the funniest thing ever, not caring if people were frowning at her.

Marinette gritted her teeth and charged at Exchanger, but before she could even attack, Exchanger disappeared.


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