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...But so different

Walking down the hallway, Keith noticed a lot of things had changed. It was small changes the small crack in the floor was filled and like how the back to school banner was up for the school year. One thing that hasn't changed however is—

"It can't be..." Keith stops his tracks and faces the bulletin board two doors away from the office. It was a drawing of a girl named Allura Alfor in clouds and wings drawn onto her. She passed away a while ago when Keith still went to the school.

"'Lura...I'm so so sorry..." Keith whispers as he walks up to the drawing. "I just...got so mad...and I couldn't control it...but but there's no excuses for my actions." Keith looks below the drawing and it was an actual picture of Allura. Keith shakes his head and steps back. It was a memorial...they still kept it up.

Keith felt his knees getting weak and his eyes started to water. "It wasn't even suppose to be like this. I'm so so sorry...I didn't mean to do this." Keith start to shiver and hold onto himself. Shortly a guy with short dark hair tied up with a bright yellow headband and dark skin come out of a classroom near by. He spots Keith shaking as if he's about to fall. "Excuse me, are you okay?" The guy walks up to him. Keith shakes his head, "I'm sorry I'm sorry I I..." the guy widens his eyes, "Oh no you're having a panic attack. Don't worry, come with me and I'll take you to the nurse." Keith shakes his head fast, "No no I'm sorry so so sorry I have.." The guy comes closer and hugs Keith, "Don't worry it's okay."

"AAAH!" Keith screams as loud as he can and punches the guy off him. Keith runs down the hall before anyone comes out. "No one can see me no one can see me."

Keith runs into the nearest boys bathroom and hides in a stall. Keith quickly takes out a compact mirror from his pocket to look at his face. It was mostly normal except for a large chunk of purple fur growing by his jawline. "No no no no no." Keith struggles to take a deep breath because he couldn't focus on one thing. His mind was on Allura, the guy, his transformation, and the fact he still hasn't gone to the office all at once. "It has to stop it has to stop."

Keith lifts up his sleeve where his shock bracelet is. His bracelet was disguised as a watch and doesn't have a heavy battery attached to it like other ones. Every time Keith needs to shock himself he has to manually set the time to 0:00.

Keith quickly changes the time to 0:00 and a small shock traveled up his nerves. His transformation stopped and went back to normal. His invasive thoughts stop as well. "What...did I have to do?.." Keith thinks about it for a little bit until he remembers again. The office.

Keith comes out the bathroom and walks back down the hallway. This time he's not walking towards the memorial because he's coming from the other direction. The hallway was clear again as if nothing happened. Keith walked in the office greeted by the administrator. "Hello, I'm Ms. Wallis, how can I help you?" She asked nicely. Keith rubs his arm nervously, "I-uhm need a application and a schedule." "Okay one second. Have a seat over there."

Keith turns around and takes a seat against the wall. Moments later, Ms. Wallis came to Keith with a forum. "After you complete it, turn it in so I can run off a generated schedule." She informs him before returning to her desk.

The forum asked basic information and his career path.
Parent/Guardian name
"Don't have parents because my dad left me and Shiro after my mom died fun."
Keith scribbles down Shiro's name and information.

Afterwards it got to the option of what career path he wants to go to. Keith looks through the exclusive check list and checked off his top 3.
[*]  Engineer
[*] Astronomer
[*] Environmentalist

All of these career paths are science and math paths because the Garrison is a science school.

Keith gets up and turns in his application that took a good 20 minutes to complete. Most of his information got deleted from the system because of the scientist clearing his name. This is why he had to fill out a new application even if he was returning.

Ms. Wallis prints out a schedule for Keith and hands it to him. "Start off from second hour since first hour is about to end. My aid can show you where it is." Keith takes the schedule and nervously smiles, "Um no, it's okay. I can figure it out myself." "No come on! I insist for someone to help you out. The Garrison is such a large school." "But I—"

Before Keith can finish his sentence, Ms. Walis called out her student aid. "Lance? Can you come here buddy?" A guy with light brown skin, brown hair to match, and gunmetal blue eyes came out from the back with a heavy box. "I got your files taken care of Ms. Walis." Lance tells her as he quickly places the box on a chair. "That's nice Lance," She complimented him. She quickly then redirects her focus on Keith, "This is our new student Keith....Shirogane. You should show him where's his next class is and head to yours."

"On it!" Lance cheerfully says. He looks at Keith and gives him a welcoming smile. Not knowing what to do, Keith looks away from Lance and looks towards the door. "Well... we should get going now." Lance tells him as they walk out the door.

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