23: Dragonoid

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*3rd pov*

"Has anything on the board caught your interest?" The sweet Mira asked the young Dragon Slayer as she scan the job board with her white exceed by her side.

"There's just so many, it's hard to pick one." Wendy said.

"Take your time, though if you would mind a little advice. You should stay away from solo jobs for now. Since you just started, it's best to have a team, sure there's the pay cut but you'll still get experience." Mira said.

"That sounds great." Wendy said

"I admire your enthusiasm but take a look at your potential partners." Carla said.

Wendy look over at the bar where Natsu and Elfan are laughing maniacally while Gajeel is sweat dropping.

"Well...what about Y/n?" Wendy asked.

"Well she's fine, but I don't see her here." Carla said as she scan the guild for the h/c female or her exceeds but found nothing.

Happy then appear by Carla, hoping that maybe she could consider taking him but she decline.

"Helping Wendy pick a job, Mira?" Lucy asked, walking up to her, with Levy by her side, as happy as ever.

"Actually, I think it's best for her to tag along on someone else's job to get some experience." Mira said.

"Great plan! I'm sure Lulu joined this guid because she helped out Y/n and Nastu." Levy said, nudging the blonds' shoulder.

"But then he got me in life threatening situations no girl should endure." Lucy said while crying anime tears.


"Yo, wassup Slayers!" Y/n said while walking up to Gajeel, Elfman and Natsu with her exceeds by her side. She is wearing a dark blue cloak with red markings on it that conceal every inch of her body except for her face and hair.

Her e/c shines brightly, her h/c hair tied in a ponytail. If your hair is short, then you left it loose.

When she walks, the cloak swishes to the side, revealing a black skirt, mid-thigh boots and what appears to be a black shirt. She looked pretty emo to be honest.

"Muffin, where were you hidin'?" Gajeel asked as he take a munch of iron, a little surprise at how she's not sweating and is kinda admiring her features.

"I was just at the second floor, it's much more quieter." She explained.

"But quiet is boring! You should be down here!" Natsu whined.

The girl sighed and gladly taken the seat that Gajeel pulled out for her, making Natsu jealous.

"So Gajeel, when are you going to get a cat?" Silver asked as he drinks a cup of tea.

"When muffin decides to be generous and give me one." He grumbled.

"Are you afraid that maybe the cat that is supposed to be with you took one look at you and ran away?" Hikari asked as she flipped to the next page of 'How to hide a body'.

Gajeel was not surprise to be honest. He have a copy of that book at home.

"N-no! My cat will never run away from me!" Gajeel yelled. He crossed us arms and closed his eyes with a stern look.

"Anyways, since This is a good time." Gajeel started, a slight blush on his cheek, gaining the attention of the h/c hair female and the Salmon hair male.

"Would you like to-"

"So Y/n, how are ya!?" Natsu asked, cutting off Gajeel as he wrap an arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to him, making Gajeel growl a little.

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