Without a doubt Trina was right I was expecting Nana to put up with my bullshit regardless of how it made her feel. Then at the same time I did it to Trina and I'm just now hearing how bad she was hurt.
"My bad for hurting you like that. I never meant to do it on purpose. I was just focus on doing whatever I wanted to do and I didn't even think about how that would have effected your feelings."
"It's all cool now. I needed to hear that but at the same time I already knew that you were in that mindset that's why I went out and did the same shit to you. It's unfortunate how we didn't work out but we got our amazing son from it."
"Yeah we do."
"But finally with the whole Marco situation. All I'm asking is that you hear him out. I mean look you forgave Ty and still was close and loyal to his disloyal ass. You put it in the past with me and trust and believe me you and I both know we had our crazy bad past together. So at least give him that since you won't take him back after what you did for me and Ty."
"So you think I should just put this shit to rest?"
"Yes y'all family even though he did some goofy shit. Just let this shit go it's been like this for years now it's time to make it right."
"That's the man I feel with." She gave me a soft punch to the arm
As she walked into the kitchen. I didn't know why but for some reason I felt like Trina and I were back to being close like when we first started dating. The moment felt so
right the vibe was on point.

After talking with Trina for a while longer I went to the club to do some paper work and inventory and then I headed to pick Prince up
From school. I had the rest of day free and I decided to spend it with my little man. Since we don't get much of that time together. Prince was three years old now. I've been in his life since the beginning and thinking about what Trina said about thinking about missing out on Primce life with my choices, made me think about how my father wasn't there for and it effected my life.
"Hey little man." I greeted as I picked him up from outside with his friends. He had his favorite truck in his hands and he had a big smile on his face. I looked down at his feet and saw he had some new Jordan's on his feet that I put on him for the first time and he already had them dirty.
"Daddy!" He cheered.
"Yo bro you got your new foot pieces dirty again?"
"Yeah he was playing a little rough with a couple of the other students today." The teacher laughed.
"Yeah he wild just like me." I laughed back walking away with my son.
"Ice cream?" Prince asked.
"Yeah we going to the mall
And then to get some food then we'll get ice cream."
When we arrived at the mall Prince instantly wanted to get on the little horse ride at the entrance. I couldn't say no so I paid and put him on. He had a blast. Then we headed to pick up some new sneakers for him. I bought at least three pair for him and two for me. We bought some outfits from different kids stores and H&M for me. Then I saw a hand bag set walking past Michael Kores. I thought it was cute and I knew it was something Trina would love so I stop in that store to buy it for her. I made sure they put it in a box for me and I brought it home with me. Before stopping home I picked up pizza for dinner
And ice cream for dessert.

Prince and I had a blast together on our father and son date. I love my son and I knew that with my lifestyle that time was very limited with him and that one day I won't be here so I needed him to know now that I always loved him.
Once we got home we ate dinner then I gave him ice cream just like I promised. I let him play himself to bed soon he was sleepy so I put him in the tub then he was sound asleep.

The next morning I woke up and had a missed call from Maniac.
"Wassup Bro?"
"Look my car on some dumb shit so I need you to come pick me up from somewhere."
"Marco's crib."
"When did you two get so fucking close he snakes me and you felt some type of way now y'all best of fucking buddies?"
"Look I heard him out. His problem was with you and not me so I forgave him."
"Why can't he give you ride?"
"He let his girl use his car to go handle somethings"
"Whatever I'll be there just be ready and you bet not try to do some bullshit like yesterday."
"Look I'll be ready see you when you get here."

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