1. Mari

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Mari the Assassin is my Creepypasta oc so this definitely is not copied had this oc for a year (incase nobody knows I had wrote about them in the past)

So here's info

Name: Mari the Assassin
Age: 16
Sexuality: Bi
Gender: Female
Looks: Black hair, black and red eyes (they match BEN Drowned's eyes but hers is lighter that's the difference), red dress, turquoise leggings, blue boots, red bandages on her hand to wrist (not injury she just wears bandages though)

Personality: Shy, caring
Backstory: Mari had s good life but died during a ritual (don't know which one specifically)

Family: They're all dead
Extras: Mari also has her wolf neko form but at night she would turn into a werewolf and when she finds her true love the werewolf curse would be broken

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