Chapter 14

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Omfg I went to the voice kids concert last night! It was so amazing. I met them all! Omgg I cannot believe I met and hugged Chris!! And Ethan gives the best hugs! I'm so glad I met them all.


I really don't know what to do should I tell Chris I still love him? I really do want to I just don't think he cares anymore.

Everyone is going to sleep over Aria's tonight so I might tell him there.

--text message from indie--

Indie- Hey girly, wanna hang out with me and Luke today before we go over to Aria's?

Tara- Hmm I dunno don't you think I'm gonna just get in the way? Ill be third wheeling!

Indie- Who cares! Do you want me to invite Chris? ;)


Indie- Okay okay I won't!


We had planned to meet up with Indie at the shopping centre. I had arrived to realise it wasn't just Indie & Luke.

"Hey Tara!" Indie yelled from a far distance waving at the same time.

I waved back.

"Why is Chris here?! You said you wouldn't invite him." I whispered into Indie's ear.

"I'm sorry, Luke wanted him to come." Indie informed me.

It was quite awkward because half the time no one was talking and Indie and Luke were being all lovey dovey so me and Chris were just like there.

"Hey Luke, come with me over to this shop!" Indie said to Luke, as they were walking off she winked at me.

God! Could this get anymore awkward?!

"Okay since your not gonna speak to me i'm just gonna ask what's going on between us?!" Chris said it sounded like his wanted to say that for ages.

"I don't know what you mean." I lied.

"Ever since you dumped me it seems like you've been trying to get away from me and not talk to me! When you've never even told me why you dumped me."

"I've told you! I can't tell you the reason,"

"I don't care! Tell me now or never speak to me again." Chris started to get mad.

"If I tell you then we will never speak again because someone will find out and kill me!"

"Just tell me Tara! Ill keep it between us," Chris tried persuading me to tell him.

I think I have to tell him, he has the right to know, but how will I say it when his been kissing Hanna?!

"Umm okay, Hanna and some other people pushed me to the ground, she pressed her foot tight to my neck. She said dump Chris or ill make your life a living hell, it doesn't sound that bad but trust me when I was in the moment it was horrifying." I felt my eyes start to water so I rushed quickly over to Indie and Luke.

"I told him what happened," I whispered into Indies ear.

Chris' POV

So Hanna caused all this?! The person I love I lost because of her?! I kissed her and all. But does Tara still actually like me or not? I'm so bloody confused. Ill find out.

Tara's POV

"When you gonna tell him you still like him?!" Indie said a bit too loud.

"Who does she still like?!? Is it Chris?!" Luke budded in.

"It's no one Luke!"

"You really think I'm that much of an idiot, you guys dated for ages then you unexpectedly dumped him with no reason! all this time I knew you still liked him." Luke declared.

"Well you are an idiot because I don't!!"

"Where is Chris?" Indie looked around.

"No idea." we looked around but we couldn't see him.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Luke running over to Chris. I bolted towards him and tackled him to the ground.

"Don't say anything Luke!" I whispered in his ear.

"I won't, you can get off me now!"

Chris looked confused to what was going on.

"Guys should we go over to Aria's now?" Chris suggested.

"It's so early though!" Indie said.

"Who cares? Better being first I'd say"

We started walking over to Aria's house. Of course it was Indie and Luke cuddling and all but then something happened it was quite awkward actually. Chris and I were walking next to each other and we like touched each others hand for like 5 secs I hate when that happens its just so awkward.


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