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Chan awake by his alarm and excitedly wake up. As usual he do his morning routin. He go shower at his normal bath tub with his favourite bathstuff with a strawberry flavour. He really love girly sweet things. He even love pink colour. Yea~ he is really feminin. Even his appartment is all baby pink colour including his house stuff.

After shower he go straight to the kitchen and grab the cereal and a strawberry milk for his breakfirst. It weird to eat a cereal with a strawberry milk but whats evem weird is that he love it and always eat it for his breaky.

Chan go to his wardrop room. He got a lot of branded outfits, clothes, pants, shoes and bags. He got it all from his boss at his part time gay club job which he dont even know what is (gay) that mean. He is really innocent and one of his charms is his baby talk that can make people stared at him hungrily there. But his boss Lee Minho hired him as a part time stripper there. Only the one who is really, really rich can get and ripped his virginity. Lee Minho found Chan was looking for a job, then he straight away give him a job at his night club gay called 'Touch me'. But Chan is the special one for Minho because of his baby talk charms he give chan a higher price for people to booked. Thats why Chan is still not being booked.

Chan decide to wear a baby pink shirt and tug it in inside his baby pink long pants and he wear a baby pink suits. He looks like a perfect barbie doll with his blonde hair. He go to his make up table and put some bb cream on his face and blend it to his skin. He even use some eyebrow powder, light eye shadow, a bit lip tinth and some strawberry lip bulm. He wear this outfits just to attend his first ever interview at this company name Kim Mega Holding. He is nervous and excited at the same time.

Then he look at his mirror then mumbbled to him self.

"Mummy today chanie have a big interview,,,, i hope i get this job for pay daddy's debt at those scary pervert loan shark. Wish Chanie luck mummy eventhouhg you re not in this world anymore, Chanie know that you are still with me inside here" he smile then proceed to the company. But Chans feels something off at his outfits. Then he glanced again at the mirror.

"Ahhh i know!!" Chan shout loud enough to heard his own voice to resound at his quiet appartment since he lives alone by Minho help. He then grab his hot pink chockers then wear it, he even change his black shoes to a hot pink shoes. Lastly he took changed the black belt to a hot pink belt with a gucci symbol. He also add a fake pearcing at his ear and his plum lips. Then a ring and a bracelet also being used by Chan. Once he satisfied with his pinky look he took his gucci beg then bring them out together with him to the interview.

At Kim Mega Holding,,

Woojin was stressing out abit because he still not find someone who deserved to work at his company. So he decided to call his bestfriend who work as his right chairs P.A name Jackson to replaced his place for a while. Woojin trust Jackson to choose someone that can work and give a fresh idea about how to maintain his company name. He left his room then decide to play with some bitch to release his stress out by make out with them. Not actual sex though.

Chan p.o.v

"HuuuuuuuuWowwww" all i could say. This company is really big and highclass. I began my step closer to the interview room. What confused me is why all people seems hurt. I spot some girl was crying, i go toward her and tried to calm her down cause i dont like seeing people crying,,

"Why are you crying?" I ask

"The CEO here is really rude and harsh,, imma killed my self!!" The girl said, then she run away. Im hurt, she left me and let me confused. Im pout. While im get up from the girl spot, im being crashed with this handsome, tall and cold guy. I dont know why, he got some dark aura around him that make me feels scared.

"Look up! pale!" The guy shout at me. Im hurt after he said that. Im not gonna shout back so im just bowing and said sorry to him.

" Chanie is sorry,, Chanie didnt mean t-" he cut me off by pushing me to the other side. Then im stumbling on top of the waiting chairs. He stared at me then he lean his face closer to mine.

"Just shut your pretty lips or ill make you" the guy said. I just nodded and he go away.

"What a rude!!" I said it out loud.

"BANG CHAN!!" The interviewer call my name out, and im litterally didnt prepared what to answer. I just go through the interview room try to calm and its failed. Im really nervous.

On the interview,,

"Have a sit," the CEO greets me.

"Eyh im kinda have meets you before but where??" ask the CEO.

I only shruged dont know what to answer.

"Ahhh i know,, the gay night club,," im surprised,, how did he know. I dont know even know that highclass CEO have interest in a night club.

"Owh yeah~" i shrugged.

"I dont even really sure what is my job there so,," i said to the CEO.

"Ow in that case, ive already accept you here so, you can start tomorrow,, make sure you come early at 7 am you must already here before our CEO mad at you,, okay."

"What? How? Why? I mean thanks,, but why so sudden, mr dont even interview Chanie first. Why? and who actually is the CEO?" I ask.

"Nah,, its no need to interview people, i already saw your proposal. You are good at learning. Eventhough you have a kids behaviour problems,, i think you can give a lot of creative idea for our company with that behaviour,, and yeah,, im not the CEO here, our CEO is Mr, Kim. He got a lot to do now so i just replaced him."

"Owh, btw about Chanie behaviour,, all people think im weird, and they dont love me being this type of me." I pout.

"Owh its okay you have me,, if anybody here bullying you and telling you what to do or what not to do, just tell me okay?"

"OKAY!! PINKY PROMISE!!" I said. I take my pinky promise back.

"Before we do our prinky promise, can Chanie know your name?" I ask.

"Owh i forgot, my name is Wang Jackson,, just called me Jackson no need to call me sir, its make me look much older you know,," Jackson say.

"OKAY J-JACKSON PINKY PROMISE,," I said happily. But im wondering, how is Mr.Kim look like. Ill wait till tomorrow.

After the interview.

I walk to the flower shop and bought my mom her favourite flower. White Roses is always her favourites flower. She told me that White Roses is represent pure love and no one can beat the pure love. I go to her grave and put the flower on top of her simple grave.

"Mummy,, Chanie got the job, and its really worth it. The payment can pay all dad debt at the loan sharks within 2 months of my salary.  Chanie also make a new friend there, his name is Jackson. Im glad that he accept Chanie behaviour problem. And i know, mummy you are watching me up there,, thanks for always be there at my side. I know earlier you were with me,, i can feel it,, i hope you can be here and be proud of my achivements. Im gonna go home and celebrate this on my own,, good bye mummy." I said goodbye then let my tears drops.

I cant help but cry. Not the sad tears, im crying because im really overwhelmed and happy today. I go dinner on my own then go straight to my appartment. I have to wake up early for my first day tomorrow. Im not gonna waste my one and only chance to got a work. Im straight away dozed off then arrived to my dreamland.

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