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         The windmills near the seaside eliminates the low temperature of the atmosphere as the rays of the golden sun envelopes the whole city of Singapore. I am on a rooftop, awaiting this magnificent view. Even from here, I can smell the saltiness of the sea... but the sky, oh the sky. It's as if someone from outside of this world intentionally painted this with much effort. 

         The light screams happiness; it illuminates the whole city, its warmth slowly pressing on my skin. The cars up here are speeding like toy cars, it only shows how high the building is. 

         I close my eyes, trying to remember all the nostalgic memories I had with him - with all of them - the moments in the rain, the moments on a beach, it's all that I can remember.The wind slightly traces the side of my cheeks. I am lonely and innocent. They call me Cassidy.

       I am the one who got left behind - the one who left her heart during one of these sunsets. The one who lost her memories; the one who's three more steps behind. Presently, I am the lost one. The wanderer. 

         Do you really want to give my story a try? 

        I must tell you, I can only remember stories, feelings and moments... but I cannot remember his face.

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