enemy pt2~

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"why do you hate me?" i asked. "who said i hated you." "well, you make it obvious." i replied. "you really wanna know why?" he said moving closer. "you wanna know the real reason why i treat you like this?" by this point dante had backed me up against a wall. hands on both sides of me. "d-dan-" i fearfully stuttered before i was cut off by his voice. "the reason i'm so rude to you is because everytime i see you, you do something to me, you give me an indescribable feeling and it's something i have never felt before. your smile lights up my mood immediately and just the thought of you, god (y/n) don't you see what you do to me? and all this time i thought that i could hide my feelings by mistreating you. i like you (y/n), and i'm so sorry for everything i've done to hurt you." i looked down blushing. "i-i like you too, dante. i have all this time, which is why i never gave up on my hopes that deep down, you had some good in you. i'm sor-" dante's lips were pressed against mine, i kissed back once i realized what was going on. our lips molded together into the rough kiss and things started to get heated, turning into a hot lil' makeout session (; we moved our little 'sesh' to the couch and we had taken our shirts off when-
"we're ba-" we heard the door burst open. me and dante rushed get off of each other and put our shirts back on. "woah-"i heard tj. "what the hell was going on here!?" cameron exclaimed. "n-nothing." dante claimed, rubbing the back of his head. me and him were blushing, looking at the ground embarrased. "ohhh..oouuu...you two were about to get it on weren't you?" blake smirked and let out a slight chuckle. "n-no we weren't!" i blurted out, blushing even more. "oh come on! admit it!" eden grinned.
     "fine! yes, i like (y/n) a lot, and yes, we were making out before you guys so rudely interrupted!" dante admitted, blushing. "oouuu...ok, but what happened to all the "negativity" between you two?" ethan made quotation marks with his fingers. "the truth is, all this time i was rude to (y/n), it was just to hide my feelings that i had towards her. i tried shoving them deep down to forget about her, but i failed every time, because just the mention of her name created a fucking strong ass feeling in my stomach." dante grabbed my hands in his and turned to face me. "(y/n), i don't know if this is too soon, but i love you so much, would you like to be my girlfriend?" i stared into dante's eyes before hugging him. "awwwweee!" the others cheered. "damn, taking big boi steps already?," aidan faked a tear, "i vote you guys the cutest couple ever!"
"couldn't have said it better.."

alrighty guys, there's pt2, i have more ideas in my mind and you guys can request if you'd like, i would honestly really appreciate it. love u <3

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