Chapter 12: Everything's Glowing!

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As we slowly advance into the forest, I see trees higher than skyscrapers rising high above our heads. With trunks and branches made of grey stone, dark leaves protrude from the stone branches with colors ranging from midnight blue to baby blue. Some are as small as my fingernail and others bigger than Viol, Kelko, Jolton and I put together.

We walk through the forest in silence, taking in the gorgeous surroundings. I can't see the sun through the thick layer of leaves but I can tell it's getting darker, through the shades of blue that start to blend together.

We come into a clearing where the emerging moon shines down on the blue-grey ground and decide to settle down for the night.

Jolton plops down on the ground, resting his head on the satchel. Viol lays down at the base of a bush and closes her eyes. Kelko grabs a hold of a low branch and swings himself up. He sets himself with his back against the hard trunk and closes his eyes like the others.

I set my backpack on the ground and climb up to a high branch, keeping my strained wind folded. I sit above Kelko in the canopy. The beautiful shades of blues consume me. They remind me of sky back on our side of the trash. It's cozy, warm. I smile to myself.

I stare down the branches and see Viol as she she shifts in her sleep, her blue hair would have made her blend into the leaves around her, but she's easily spotted now with her sharp mauve strands.

I wonder if Kelko's right. If the Creator thought of her again, made her a cartoon in the real world outside of this stupid trash can. I mean of course he's right, but is it possible we can stop it? If he really changed her and it isn't some kind of.... I don't even know, but she's definitely different. She changed for what most people would say is for the better. But I miss the old Viol, the one with blue hair and the one who got angry at the small things. The one that would have punched that large Nib without a second thought.

Leaves rustle beneath me, Kelko must've shifted in his sleep. One of his legs dangle over the side of the branch, if he moves any further he'll fall out of the tree. I silently climb down and push his leg back up.

As I look at him I can't understand why the others don't trust him, there's something about him that makes him appear the exact opposite to me. Maybe it was the way he smirks, as if he knows exactly who you are. Or perhaps it's the spark in his eyes whenever he thinks of a new plan, or when he analyses a situation. I dangle from my branch looking at Kelko from upside down, my long frizzy hair dangling below me.

I study his face some more in the moonlight, his hair is draped over his left eye, it creates a strange shadow over his face. A breeze comes through the trees ruffling his hair. I try to gingerly move his hair from his eyes with my hands; trying not to wake him up.

I release my hand from his hair and start to swing back up. But a force stops me from doing so. I look down to see what it was, but my hair gets caught under my chin and falls over my eyes to block my view. Someone quickly moves it out of the way. I blink and see that Kelko's hand brushes my cheek.

His grey eyes meet my yellow. I must have woken him up.

"I'm sorry. It's just I saw that you were about to fall and I-"

He cuts me off by breaking eye contact with me and silently swinging off the branch to the ground. My eyes follow him. He turns to face me again, this time his eyes are inviting me to follow him. He places his hands in his jacket pockets and tilts his head to one side as he smirks.

"Come on," He whispers as to not wake the others. "I want to show you something." He turns and gathers Jolton's bag which his head rolled off of in his sleep, slipping it across his shoulder.

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