Judgement Day (Episode 8)

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The Night of the Fire

The camera zooms in on Augusta and into a certain road holding only a couple of teenagers walking down the street as well as laughing at their own jokes. The camera moves down the street as several families among the houses on the road celebrate in parties or by having Halloween feasts. Their Halloween decorations are left on to still show off to their surrounding neighbors to see who can have the best decorations of the year.  As the camera moves further down the road, a cyclist cycles past under a street lamp wearing a Jason mask and behind them contains a mother dressed as the tooth fairy holding onto a younger boy dressed up as Iron man. 

Finally, it reaches a certain empty building that appears almost completely empty, until the camera manages to glide through the stained and rusty glass windows. Floating into a dark room only lit by the surrounding candles filling the air with the fragrant smells of cinnamon and lavender stands Judy, as her head faces towards the dusty and cobwebby ceiling of the Post Office while her arms appear outstretched. Around her in a circle motion appears to be some type of white powder. All of a sudden, a white appagraphic ball zooms into the room from the same area the camera entered from and enters into Judy's eyes, making her stiff body now full of adventure. Her bodily features now fluctuate with activity and her organ systems seem to be fully recovered and back to normal - as she no longer stands like a creature struck by a gorgon. Her slow motion gasps of air and recognition of where she is stands out as she pulls herself together, lowers her head and drops her arms to wipe her exhausted facial muscles. And again does she raise her arms and head while enchanting a deep Latin phrase;

Judy Jills: Tolle animam meam!

(Translation: Take my life)

Her eye pupils roll back into her head as a stone-color grey takes over making her lungs scream for air and her body shake to regain consciousness. Except it doesn't. Instead, the camera enters into the same appagraphic white ball as it ever so slowly exits from her mouth this time. The ball spins making the camera notice the features of an ant on the floor and a spider on the ceiling before fully exiting from the post office. Furiously, it quickly examines both the left and right directions before deciding to glide smoothly upwards. It investigates on what direction to go on before taking a sharp left into the soft, fluffy clouds and into what appears to be a thunderstorm acting like a dangerous battlefield. As it manages to lower, the ball notices a small castle standing tall on a hill while watching over a couple dozen houses. Right next to the castle and houses, appear to be a frozen lake with several blue lights lighting up a clear path towards a distant island containing a giant purple tree with beaming, glowing jewels hanging from the branches to create light and depth to the tree itself. 

As the ball grows upon the castle, it takes one swoop around what appears to be a hall, containing laughing men and women clearly drunk from several drinks of heavy alcohol. Judy's ball rushes into a large painted glass of a mermaid playing with her seaweed green tail although the glass does not break. At one end of the hall contains a mean looking girl with two men beside her laughing along with the others in the hall. One appears with a giant purple scar across his face and the other with almost balding blonde hair. The girl looks around at some of the drunken citizens before very carefully staring at the ball. As she stands, the music in the hall stops and all the men and women beg to look at her. Her voice appears in a deep Northern England accent:

Girl: Someone sends bearing a message.

The camera finally exits from the ball and changes very quickly to the views of the men and women watching the scene. The ball very carefully opens up to reveal the body of a transparent and almost ghost-like Judy Jills. White smoke affects drift off of her and into the heavy night atmosphere. Her body lets off a transparent and ghost-cold feeling to the people. Several audience members standing by the tables seem to gasp at her appearance. As Judy goes to speak, her voice appears more deep and echo-y. 

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