11•endgame tea party

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"What the hell, you were wearing that dotted pajama cgi thing because you were fat!?" Anthony asks, directing the question to Chris.

"I mean.. now you know." Chris chuckled. Another truth is untold.

Endgame was a great movie. It might be next to my favorite movies, and it includes me. Yes, that might've been weird, but the storyline is all planned out perfectly. And I kept most of it all a secret.

"You know, because I and Scarlett died, let's have a party-" Oh no, Robert's itching for another party again.

"Robert, this is not-"

"No, it's a tea party. Yeah, Mr. Hiddleston and Mr. Benedict, let's shop for tea, lead us."

My eyes sparkled when I heard 'tea'. The most magical drink in human history. Maybe even in the universe's history. I mean, not only British people fancy tea. Come on, don't stereotype.

"Get in my car!" Robert cheers, and we stop for a second to smile at the paparazzi before getting in his car.

"So basically we're having a tea starter pack." Evans clears out, making those hand gestures he always did. Ah, this Chris was the adorable one.

Or so I think. Maybe the Hemsworth one is the most adorable.

"Tom, why did you have only those seconds in the movie?" Chris suddenly clings to me, and scrunches his nose. It was like he was dissatisfied and it made me laugh. Maybe he really was the most adorable Chris?

Why can't I just say that he is indeed the most adorable Chris? Wow, is this crushing I smell?

"It's a teaser." I winked teasingly at Chris, and he gave me a stern expression.

"Hey! Giving out teasy hints to your own cast doesn't help anyone."

I just laughed. I can't give out details!

"So here we have.. Firstly, earl grey tea, right Ben?" I glanced at Benedict to confirm. "Earl grey tea is probably most people's favorite of all the kinds. It's really very enjoyable. So, try this out. I recommend this highly."

"I actually do too, I, it's my favorite. You should try it out." Benedict places a lot of packages into the cart. I shook my head. I knew he was gonna take home some himself.

"Maybe you'll like Jasmine? It's also good. Plus the aroma, very great." Ben throws packages in the cart again.

"Hello guys! So we're given a tea starter pack right here by the two brits, and Holland is finding things to go with tea so he isn't exactly with us. We've learned first about earl grey. They explain everything so eloquently we really wanna buy." Rdj's phone was capturing the moment while narrating the context.

"Ooh, what's this?"

"Oh, that is Black tea." I took the package from the rack and showed it to Scarlett. "Fun fact: Europeans went to China long ago for their black tea. I guess you should know the answer when you taste it." I place a couple of it on the cart, and we continue walking.

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