Chapter 16 - Win all, gain nothing.

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"You sure you can do both sets?" You asked Nikki as he came over to you guys.

"I'm pretty damn good at what I do. Doing it twice in one night,..Well im always up for a new challenge" Nikki said putting some sunglasses on.

"It's night time you punk" You smirked before heading out on stage.

Nikki had brought a presence you weren't used to on stage. The back up vocals made yours sound 100% better. He was eccentric in a way you had never shared with him before.

You watched the crowd staring at Nikki, unsure if it was him or just a really good look a like. You had both decided to keep it under wraps. He thought the sunglasses gave him a Clark Kent effect on people. Not quite.

You went backstage after the show and Nikki rushed off to get changed. Rach asked if she could talk to you. You had a sinking feeling about what was happening.

"I think we should call it quits with the band" Rach sighed sitting opposite you. "It's going okay, but I can't go through another change of line up. Plus it would be nice to see what other options there are"

"I get it. It has been a hell of a ride" You said with a smile, you offered her a cigarette and both lit up together.

"I'm gonna head home from here. Tony's still around waiting for a flight, I'm just gonna go with him. Probably best to before we hit Europe" Rach said giving you a hug.

"If you ever need a guitarist.." You trailed off and Rach looked at you sadly.

"Of course."

You stood at the side of the stage watching Motley perform. You felt kinda sad, kinda deflated and a little bit relieved. It was sad you weren't gonna perform again for a little while. You held Gunners hand until Nikki came and brought him onstage.

You joined in on the sidelines as they performed Shout at the devil. You felt emotionally exhausted from the past couple of days. Gunner went off with one of Nikki's hired help and you smiled as he waved at you before going off.

After the encore finished, Nikki came off stage and picked you up. You laughed and complained he was sweaty as hell, but he didn't care as he took you back to the dressing room.

"Wait, wait" You laughed as he closed the door, holding you against it as he tried to undress you.

"Nope, not waiting" Nikki growled, ignoring your protests.

"How are you not exhausted?" You laughed as he put you down on the sofa and climbed on top of you. He ignored your question as he tried to assault your neck.

"Nikki, we will definitely have sex, just let me tell you one thing, it's important" You moaned against him. He stilled momentarily before pushing himself up.

"Look, the band have decided to break up. It's just not working out" You said fiddling with his hand. "You're gonna need to arrange support for the next leg of the tour"

"What about you? Are you finding a new band?" He asked breathless and confused.

"I don't know yet" You shrugged "I can stick around for the tour if you want me to. I can help move stuff and well be roadie I guess?"

"Of course I do." He said matter of factly "We'll figure out musically what your next step is."

"Well I thought I could try and help you sort out a support" You said getting up and grabbing a magazine from off the side. "I do have one in mind"

"Jam Pearl aren't our scene" He said putting an arm around you as you sat back down.

"Pearl Jam. And you guys don't deserve them anyway" You said sticking your tongue out at him. "Remember that song we keep hearing on MTV?"

"Closer to it everyday song?" Nikki asked and you nodded opening the page of the magazine. You pointed to the picture of Warrant.

"These guys are the one. I listened to their album the other day. And they are so suited to you guys" You said pleading with him.

"You just wanna see them live" Nikki laughed as you nodded. "Fine I'll speak to the guys, I'll call management and we'll go from there"

"Yes!" You said happily before pulling your T-shirt off and undoing your bra. "Let's try this again."

You had decided to do something different with your look. You watched Nikki dye part of his hair blonde and you chewed your lip. You pulled out the red hairdye and went to town on the ends of your hair.

Flying to Europe was amazing, Vince wasn't happy you were still hanging around and tried to get you kicked off the tour. Nikki said if you were going, he was going with you. Even Mick agreed.

You couldn't understand Vince's issue with you but he wasn't willing to tell you either way. You walked through the plane to the bathroom, noticing a blonde guy watching you. You nearly took him for Vince, they looked kinda similar. He shot you a smile and a little wave. You thought he was oddly familiar but the glasses he was wearing threw you.

You came out the bathroom and heard someone hyping up the guy who you saw beforehand.
"There she is, go talk to her" His friends hissed. You watched the blonde stand and approach you. You smiled, he seemed kinda shy. He had a leather jacket on, some crazy hat and a T-shirt with some weird slogan on.

"Hey, sorry to bother you" He said shyly and you almost made an aww sound.

"It's okay" You asked with a laugh "can I help you with something or?"

"Nothing in particular. Your hairs pretty cool, reminds me of..Cherries." He commented as he leant against the wall you were stood by.

"Thanks" You said with a laugh. "I'm gonna go now, but thanks again?"

"Yeah, yeah. Will I see you around? Uh, are you on the tour?" He asked trying to stop you from going.

"Yeah I'm gonna be around for the tour" You said raising an eyebrow. "I'll see you later..."

"Jani" He said quickly, pushing his glasses up.

"Jani, ..I'll see you later" You said with a chuckle before walking back through the curtain separating the classes.

You went and sat down with Nikki and laughed to yourself. He handed you a bottle of water as he leant back in his chair.

"What's so funny?"  He asked with a yawn. You laid back in your chair and kissed him on the cheek.

"I think I just got hit on because of my hair" You chuckled.

"Your hair is pretty sexy" Nikki commented "What did they say?"

"He was some really nerdy guy, he was sweet. Said my hair reminded him of cherries or something. I dunno, it was cute" You yawned.

"Wow, what a turn on" Nikki sniggered and you hit him on the arm.

"Be nice, it was sweet" You replied and he laughed again.

"Next time I compliment you I will also refer to you as a piece of fruit" He said kissing you softly. You were glad he was taking it in his stride and not getting jealous.

"Don't be a punk Sixx"

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