Occupy Yourself

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Here's a short oneshot I put together. I had this idea and had to write about it. 

IF YOU DIDN'T READ THE WARNING: there's a lot of headcanons. I explain a major one, the vampiric system, in the bottom Author's Note, but be warned. If you don't like headcanons, this isn't the oneshot for you.  

Well, if they were going to spend the rest of their lives here, maybe even longer, they were going to have to occupy themselves somehow.

Dashlie cringed, her A string horribly out of tune. It had taken her months to make her viola, and it still wasn't is the best of shape. The majority of it was made of wood, which she had cut down herself and carved with a dagger. The pegs were smooth screws she found and the shoulder rest was just a piece of wood covered in cloth, making it rather uncomfortable. The bow was wooden as well and was haired with horse hair. She had completely skipped the fine tuners. That was the easy part; the hardest part was finding the strings. She would rather not talk about how sheep 

died for them.

The albino pushed in and turned the peg, tuning her instrument. Once she was satisfied, Dashlie put up her viola before playing a D. It was working, but she could definitely improve. It sounded too hollow and didn't ring nicely. But, it would work for now.
It was just something she needed to pass the time. Now, if she could remember any of the songs she memorized. All of her songbooks were back in the old world. The cruel, judgemental old 


The most she thought about it, the more she realized how free she really was.She was free from the burden of understanding the world around her after several months of her life was stolen from her from that stupid party. Tiem was unmoving in that place. What felt like hours turned out to be months, and in those few she missed, the world had changed as Dashlie laid static. She could freely play her viola without any stuck up robots complaining about the noise. But she was also imprisoned; nothing they did would ever allow them to leave this world. She might've been free, but she existed in a small box of a world. In the grand scheme of things, 

it didn't matter too much.

As long as she could play, she would be fine.


Don spent most of his time reading the various books they managed to find while exploring. They weren't anything special, paling in comparison to the library they had in the old world, but 

they would occupy his thoughts.

Sometimes the books would be journals from long gone explorers discussing their adventures and dangers ahead. Sometimes it would be sappy love stories or thrilling mysteries; in the end, Don didn't care particularly much. However, what he loved the most were the science books.

The young man was always fascinated by redstone contraptions and potion brewing, but he never was able to do them himself. The circuits were always too complicated for him to understand, and it wasn't like he was ever allowed to touch the powdery substance. As for potions, he could never get the ingredients or timing right. Well, for the harmful ones at least. Don was perfectly capable of brewing Potions of Swiftness or Potions of Invisibility, but he could never brew Potions of Harming or Potions of Poison correctly. They would usually blow up in his face.

While he could pursue his own interests now, Don couldn't help but feel bothered. It was weird to have all this freedom. He had only been kept under control for a few months, but it was enough for him to understand all of his friends' complaining. The old world was terrible, but Don 

hated this new one.

There wasn't anyone or anything else he could talk to; just the same three people. He hated one-third of them and he wasn't sure if he would get bored of talking to the same two people over and over again for the rest of his life. But there wasn't anything he could do about it.

It wasn't like he had a choice in the matter anyway.


When they had learned there was no escape from this world, Richard wasn't quite sure how he felt about it at first. He hated that he was confined to a small pocket dimension with the same three people for the rest of his life, but the prison also kept him safe. He was sure there were a few vampires were still after him, although he wasn't sure if they knew where he was.

Vampire accession was a brutal process, especially for someone like him. Everyone wanted to be powerful, even though becoming a fully fledged creature of the night required feasting on the blood of another vampire.**So how was someone like Richard, a vampire who had no powers, supposed to make it out alive? For him, the answer was accepting that god awful deal that kept him stuck in this world. Even after that, he was still trapped in a place he never thought he would be in.

Since no one was on his tail, Richard was finally able to explore the world as he had always wanted to. Even though he would enjoy gardening much more, the sun never raised in this world. He had taken down some of the temples by himself, although he would occasionally get one of his friends to help him. The only ones he hadn't explored were the ocean monuments, mainly because no one could brew Potions of Water Breathing.

It was better than he could have ever expected. Even though he was trapped in this dimension, he could do whatever he wanted without the fear of death looming above him. He loved it. Each adventure felt exciting, even if it was to temples he had already been to. It was like a whirlwind of excitement.

Through all of this, he was acutely aware of the limits he had in this world. Richard knew that he would never leave, but after so long, it wasn't like he wanted to. He was perfectly content on living here; he had a taste of freedom and he wasn't going to let it go ever again.


** Maybe I should explain what I thought of when making this. Skip this if you aren't interested since it really isn't that important and likely won't come up again unless I write about the D-Squad again. Basically, you can be turned or born a vampire. There are four types of vampires.

The first ones, the fledgelings, are the new guys. These guys have just been turned or really young and essentially are figuring out how their powers work. They can't control their thirst for blood and don't have great control of their powers. This stage usually doesn't last long.

The second ones are the standard everyday vampire. These are the guys that are the most common and how they're explained in THQ is how they are. They can control their thirst for blood, they don't even need to drink blood unless they really like the taste (spoiler, majority of them do) and typically have pretty cool powers like super strength and invincibility to mortal weapons. However, they typically have vision problems in the sunlight, so a lot of them wear contacts or glasses.

The third ones are the pasty white ones. These guys are usually crazy powerful. They can't control their thirst for blood, but blood gives them cools powers like telekinesis after constant consumption. Of course, these powers fade away if they aren't constantly drinking blood. They also have the classic transformation ability, but they're the only types who'll burn up in the sun.

The fourth ones are the guys who aren't so lucky and don't have any powers. Basically, all the negative effects of being a vampire like uncontrollable blood lust, shitty vision in the sunlight, and chronic edginess are put onto these guys and they don't have any cool vamp powers.

In order to become the Nosferatu of your dreams, you need to kill a fellow vampire and drink their blood. That's also why it sucks to have no power because you can't have a fair fight against the guys who do have powers. Being a vampire can kind of suck, I mean, literally everyone wants to kill you; humans think you're too spooky and other vampires want to ascend. 

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