Forbidden Love Pt. 3-Bran Stark x Reader

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Again, Bran is 14 in this.




Cersei's POV
I walked into Grand Maester Pycelle's chambers right as he put on his chain. "What can I do for you, Your Grace?" He murmured as the chain around his neck made noise.

"I need a potion that can kill someone and make it seem like they choked on their food," I whispered. I watched for anyone to enter the room but no one came in.

"Why would you need that?" He begins to mess with his bottles and picks up one before handing it to me.

"It is none of your concern," I say before leaving with the bottle hidden in my sleeve. I made my way to the kitchens and picked up an old, family cup with jewels on it and placed it on the tray of drinks so I would know which cup not to drink from. I pour in the elixir into it as I pour wine in it as well.

I walk to a servant and pay them to give the jeweled one to the intended at breakfast.

It has been a week since the party and Bran still hasn't exited my mind. He was constantly invading my thought processes. I finished my hair in the morning, sitting at my desk and I would keep looking at where he stood on the balcony and would end up smiling to myself.

A knock rang from the door and before I could say anything, Joffrey walked into my room. "Walk with me." He says.

I stand and laugh, "What if I wasn't dressed?"

He shakes his head, "You are always ready by this time of day, you would be ready." He opened the door farther for me and I walked out of the room with him at my side.

"Where are we going?" I ask as he seems to lead the way to the dining hall.

"Father wants us in the dining hall for a special breakfast with Lord and Lady Stark and their son, Bran." He watches me for any reaction and I can't say that I didn't react.

"What?" I ask, staring at Joff for any hint of a lie, only to find nothing.

His eyebrows raise as we stop outside the door of the hall, where Bran was. "Father ended the marriage of you and Ser Loras and is replacing Loras with Bran." I try so hard not to smile and I nod at the new, great information. I walk closer to the door when Joff gets in the way, blocking the handle. "He is definitely not my pick for you, along with Mother's, but be careful. You are still my little sister."

"I will." I smile sweetly as he gets out of the way.

Joffrey and I were close as kids before he went down a completely different road of actions. I miss the old him that would play with me in the courtyard and gardens. These were the few moments that I could cherish when the old Joff would reappear.

The door opened to exactly what Joffrey said. Father and Mother on each end of the table and Lord and Lady Stark on one side with Bran and two empty chairs on the other. I make eye contact with him and smile, which he returns tenfold.

We make our way to sit down and Joffrey sits on the side near Father and Bran on the side with Mother, me in between them.

"Bring the food and wine and we will begin to discuss this." Father bellowed with laughter to the servants. They immediately did as he wishes and Father yelled for them to fill his up to the brim.

Talk of politics and memories began between Father and Lord Stark as Joffrey sat back in his seat, seeming terribly bored. Mother is talking with Bran and Catelyn and I begin to get to know each other. She tells me about her daughters and how Sansa, Arya, and I would most likely get along well.

Father out of nowhere laughs loudly and everyone looks at him for a few seconds, making sure that everything was fine with how much he was laughing. Once everything seemed fine, I looked to Bran and we laugh to ourselves. He slowly lifts his cup of wine, still laughing, and I see the jewels on it, that was my cup when I was younger.

He stops lifting it up to his lips and watches me, confused. "What is it?"

"That cup was mine as a child." I laugh. He looks at it and hands it over, "No, it's fine, it's just a cup. I only thought it was funny."

"Well, we can just switch. It has sentimental value for you." We swap our cups and clink them murmuring a 'cheers.'

I take a sip and my mother looks over to me. Her eyes go from the jewels on the cup to Bran to me. I finish the sip and place the cup down as her eyes widen. "What's wrong?" I mouth.

She stands and everyone becomes quiet. "Y/N, will you come with me to help me with...something." She says holding her stomach. It must have been her corset.

"Of course." I smile to Bran and stand up. I walk away from my chair and start to breathe heavily. My eyes begin to blink as everything begins to become dark from me trying to breathe. My gasps became struggled and I hold my throat. Bran looks up to me, horrified and he stands up. He says something, but I can't hear it once everything goes black. The last thing I could feel was Bran catching me as I fell.

Bran's POV
"Y/N!" I yell. I place my hand on her cheek and lightly tap it but the taps turn frantic with every time it wouldn't work. Her eyes remain still and looking up to the ceiling. Cersei dives to the ground and takes her from my arms and whispers something.

I stand, not moving my eyes from her, hoping with everything I am made of that her mother can wake her up. After a few moments of horrified silence, Cersei looks up to the king and shook her head, tears streaming down her cheeks. I breathe out and instantaneously begin to sob. I backed away as my mother approached me. Joffrey stared at me with pure fury and Robert moved around the table to kneel on Y/N's other side.

Cersei screams and Robert tries to wake her up this time, more violently. He shook her with all his might and I couldn't watch. Her body hung lifeless in all three of our arms, one by one. Her skin seemed to become paler and I felt sick. I left the room and stumbled down the halls to get outside. I needed air.

As soon as I was outside, I collapsed to the ground, landing on my knees hard. I sat there crying harder and harder as the image of her falling and her chest rising for the last time kept replaying in my mind. Over and over again and I couldn't get away from it. That's all that was going on.

"You did this to her." A pained voice spat from behind me. I turn my head slightly and saw Joffrey pointing a sword at me.

"I didn't! I would never! I loved her." I whispered the last sentence for only Y/N and me to hear. He had no right to know that.

He scowls and walks around to be in front of me, his sword pointed at my throat. "You gave her the cup and when she drank it, she died. You poisoned her, you monster!" He yelled.

I didn't poison her, but he was right anyway. I gave her the cup that was poisoned, and I took her untouched one from her. I was still here because I killed her. All of this was my fault. If I hadn't interfered, she would be happy and married to Loras in Highgarden. I look up to Joffrey, "If you want to do it, do it. It is all my fault." I murmured.

He snarled and pulled his sword up to strike me down. From here, I could see where we first met, and I smiled sadly at the memory. I closed my eyes and felt the cold steel meet its target.

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