Part 23

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"usko chupakar me sabse kabhi
le chalu kahi dur"

"you promised you won't leave me!"

His words echoed in her mind before opening her eyes to the voice which called her.

"Mrs.Khanna" she felt a jerk. Trisha who stood there shock at the state Tripura was in gathered courage to actually wake her up. She had a doctor's visit within an hour and that means she can't stay like this.

Tripura rolled her eyes around looking for him.. "jee!" She called him not finding him around.

"Trisha, kaha hai wo" she asked which made tears pool Trisha's eyes.

"he is not here" she scrunched her lips trying not to burst out in anger. Looking at Tripura, Trisha was shocked and she felt the little bit left respect she had for her biological father lessened.

"unhone kuch nai kiya, yeh.." She pointed at her dress "this fabric is not that good... Woh.. Thoda... Kal raat.. He was a little bit out of control" she smiled ruefully backing him up. Trisha couldn't help but feel pity on the lady.

"please unhe bulao na" the way Tripura's eyes shone in plea made Trisha think of how can she love him after what he did!.

"he is not in Mumbai" she cold replied her plea "aap please change kar lijiye, Doctor will be here any minute" Trisha informed picking up the mess around, when Trisha was going to throw the bouquet he tossed away last night, Tripura almost yelled starling Trisha a bit.

"Trisha please no!" She got up immediately taking them in her hand, she pad towards her room and Trisha walked behind her.

Trisha stopped at the door of her own room. The room she loved the most but was snatched away from her, she remembered how her mom tried replicating the same interior to the new home they went but the warmth she felt in this one was never received again anywhere. It was not changed, she noticed. Few of Tripura's things were here and there, the gadgets changed but not the furniture or the colors. Her paintings, pictures, scribbles everything kept the same. When she came back from her nostalgic ride she looked around to find Tripura now emptied a vase and was watering the flowers which were lying on the floor few minutes back.

'was she really that deep in love with him!' She couldn't help but the question popped her head.

"Mrs.Khanna the doctor will be here soon, better be ready please" she kept her tone soft but she went mum when Tripura gave her a blank smile and walked towards the restroom.

The process of applying a bit makeup to her scratched and bruised neck was what felt like a torture to Trisha. She was hiding the cruelty her DAD did on a lady whom she was getting fond of. Tears pooled in her eyes. She felt disgusted for a point that she wanted to go and blast her rage on him. She knew where he was but she made up her mind to not let him meet Tripura again.

"Jaisa tum soch rahi Ho waisa nai hai Trisha" Tripura's voice broke Trisha's trance before tears could roll down her cheek. She sobbed a bit. 'how can she be so calm after all this!' Her inner asked looking at a total mess Tripura's front was in. She looked... Assaulted!

"He has some issues, and he feels the safe with me." Tripura sighed "I feel proud of that" the smile on Tripura's face irked her.

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