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Inspired by and includes ideas/elements from Teen Wolf and The Originals/The Vampire Diaries

Hybrids are the most dangerous species as they are ranked higher than an alpha. With many enhanced abilities rooting from a combination of vampire blood and werewolf blood running through their veins, hybrids are, unarguably, the most powerful creatures to exist. Unlike vampires, they can't die from exposure to sunlight or by being staked in the heart with wood. And unlike werewolves, they can't die by being poisoned with wolfsbane or by being pierced with silver. Hybrids are indestructible and people are yet to find a way to kill them. In fact, according to everyone's beliefs, they are immortal.

The war between vampires and werewolves has been going on for centuries, but there was a very brief period in history when both species formed an alliance after the hunters came into the picture. Vampires and werewolves agreed to never cross each others' territories and they remained within their boundaries while fighting against the hunters. The alliance was going well but it was automatically terminated after a werewolf gave birth to a strange child. The child wasn't a werewolf, and it wasn't a vampire either. It was a hybrid - the first ever of its kind.

The parents of this hybrid had a forbidden love story as homosexuality was against the supernatural law during their time, so when the other father was discovered only two weeks after the hybrid's birth, both parents were given the death penalty. The child was supposed to be killed as well but he was stolen by a group of werewolves and kept under their protection. They raised him as part of their pack for many years and convinced him and everyone else that he was merely a werewolf to ensure his safety. They told him he was a rare kind of werewolf as he never experienced the torturous effects of the full moon.

Unfortunately, when the hybrid arrived home after school one day, the entire pack was found dead with silver arrows piercing their chests. The hybrid was devastated and suffered severely after seeing what had happened to his pack - to his family. All his elders had died and the only family left were his unrelated brothers and sisters who went to school with him that day. They spent months running and hiding from hunters until one day, they decided to fight back. They trained, and trained, and trained until they were ready to fight. But sadly, they were still inexperienced kids, so they forgot to be wary of traps as their instinct was to fight, and all the werewolves died after being exposed to wolfsbane in the atmosphere. But the hybrid survived.

As the lone survivor of a wolfsbane gas attack, he was immediately identified as the stolen hybrid and the hunters chased him. He didn't know why he was being chased but he spent months running. Throughout his adventure, though, he trained himself even more and he fought any threat he encountered.

He was solo for so long until he stumbled upon another pack, but it wasn't a normal pack. It was a group of forgotten and abandoned omegas, and they didn't have an alpha. However, they did have a leader, who was the oldest omega of the group.

After spending so many years in hiding, the omegas were shocked and terrified when they were found. They accepted their last breath but to their surprise, the hybrid did not hurt them. In fact, the hybrid trained the pack leader and the rest of the omegas to become stronger and braver before they went out of their comfort zone and started fighting. After their first win against a bunch of amateur hunters, the omegas announced the hybrid as their alpha, and the new alpha announced the original pack leader as his right-hand man.

They fought side by side and defeated many enemies but they lost a large portion of their pack. They were devastated and absolutely heartbroken but they had no time to grieve because the elimination of one enemy led to the appearance of two more. They could never win. 

A few months later, the number of hunters was at its peak. The omegas were killed one after the other until there were none left. It was just the hybrid and his right-hand man for a long time but sadly, the former pack leader was later killed by professional hunters.

The hybrid experienced his first episode of uncontrollable aggression after the death of his right-hand man and he killed anything and everything in his sight. His heart and mind were clouded with rage and hatred. His emotions controlled him to the point he unintentionally hurt innocent people. He became a monster. And to this day, he is still a monster, but he's a monster with a purpose.

He's the one and only Jungkook Jeon, and he doesn't just seek revenge; he seeks justice, too.

But what happens to his objective of revenge and justice when he stumbles upon a fierce beta who sets many challenges for him? 

* * *

thank you to everyone who helped me decide whether this should be a jinkook or taejin fic. everyone voted for jinkook so it made my decision a lot easier 😂

some things to know about this book:
- may not 100% comply with typical a/b/o fics
-will contain quite a few ideas from teen wolf and the originals/tvd
-MPREG ??? since the male werewolves in this book can conceive
- top jk and bottom jin (obviously!!!!!)
-most likely will include gore etc so i'll put up warnings
-quite a lot of taejin (oops?)

heheheh 😇

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