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   Donavin lied in his bed. His 'uncle,' Leroy, had let him move into his house that was located in the small town of ShallowValley in the state of North Carolina. The reason for all this was, he was a vampire. A real vampire. He had been hiding but wanted to get out. Try and be human. Try and not be as a monster he used to be. He hadn't entirely hated it, but he had a shred of humanity that wanted to change. His uncle had agreed to let him stay, on terms that he would do his best to contain him self, control him self, not let the vampire side comes out to kill people. He could not let this happen.

   His eyes dialate, turning black, and his teeth would come out. His mind would urge him to do the thing he promised to try and not to. He'd kill the person, draining it of every drop of blood in its body, then finding a place to stash it, or simply leave it there. He of course agreed to try his hardest, and Leroy let him have a room upstairs in his house. He told him he should be extremely careful when he used his powers. His senses were amplified, he could move unnaturally fast, jump extremely high, have super strength, regeneration, night vision, and stealth. He enjoyed doing these things. But none of it was achievable without blood. A need of it everyday was in order for the use of his powers, and to stay alive. Obviously he hadn't killed a human that recent, only animals. It wasn't as strong, but doable. He has a supplier, in a town far away that gives him human blood, but he tries not to have to much, because it might influence him. He keep trying every so often to control himself while leaving a cup of the stuff laying in front of him, for in that case, he would go so crazy. Thankfully, he's succeeded more times than not.

   Donavin of course promised to use caution with his powers, knowing if would be utterly disastrous if someone saw him. He wouldn't know what to do then.

   His uncles house sat at the edge of town, a beautiful two story house. It was only 4 miles away from the school, the school that he planned on attending. To try and have a normal life ment doing normal stuff, going to school, maybe meeting friends. He would do alright with schoolwork; he knew almost everything they would normally teach, having been alive for so long, having time to know and remember it all. He asked Leroy if he needed to know anything for the first day of school tomorrow. He told Donavin just to be nice, and not to draw attention to him self. He even went out and got him some nice clothes, that everyone was wearing to help him fit in. Donavin chose a pair of black jeans, a deep blue short sleeve shirt that had black circle around the sleeves, and a pair of black sneakers. He set them out at the foot of his bed, like he imagine normal people would do. He then layed down and did his best to sleep till morning.


Donavin sat up, remembering today was his first day of school, and he was attending. He immediately rubbed his hand to check and see if his ring was still on his finger, which it was. His ring, that granted him immunity from sunlight.

    Getting out of bed, he changed into his clothes, combed his hair, and went downstairs. Leroy was sitting at the table, drinking a cup of coffee and reading a book when Donavin came in. "Mornin'," he said gently, without looking up. Donavin returned the greeting with a nod. Leroy looked up from his book, and studied him.

"You seem, troubled." he noted.

  Donavin stopped, looking at the floor with an almost longing in his eyes. "Yes," he finally said. "I am troubled. What if I go out today, and something goes wrong. If my vampire side comes out, and someone sees me. If someone recognizes me for what I am. You know what destruction I can do." He told Leroy, a tension in his voice. His worried eyes flicking to glance at his face. Leroy looked at his book, then back at Donavin's face. He set the book down, stood up, and went over to him, resting a hand in his shoulder.

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