Forbidden Love Pt. 2-Bran Stark x Reader

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Requested by @DramioneLover28

Bran is once again 14 in this. Also, this is only part two of three, so stay tuned! 😂



Bran's POV
She was a Lannister

As she leaves the upper deck of the room, I back away slowly and almost run into a lot of people that were still having a good time, listening to the music or dancing to it. I turn around and walk out with all that is left of my senses. I maneuver the best I can and walk outside into the courtyard for some air. I wanted to be alone but I walked into the same place as Lady Margaery and my older brother, Robb, seeming to flirt.

They both turn to see me and Margaery politely leaves to leave me with Robb. "What's wrong, Bran? You're way too pale." He walks closer to me to see if I was injured but found nothing.

"I messed up," I mutter. He tilts his head, only more confused, so I continue. "I think I fell in love with Princess Y/N."

He straightens his back as his eyes widen a bit. "How would you have possibly met her without Father or me knowing? Or anyone else in our family for that matter? We are all over the place here."

I begin to tell him the whole story, my hands flying through the air, trying to explain it all quickly. By the end, my heart was racing from nerves, and maybe just reliving it. Once I finish, I watch Robb's face turn into a seemingly knowing, sadden expression. He doesn't show any disappointment if he felt any. "You do know that she is engaged to Ser Loras Tyrell, right?"

I close my eyes and sigh, "I know but I forgot." I place my hand on my forehead, trying to think. The party was becoming more and more of a cacophony of laughs, drunken yells, and music. I can't say I am joining in their enjoyment, at least not at this time of the night. "Why were you talking with Margaery out here?" I ask.

"Father wants to try and make alliances and I thought I could try to help by talking with her."

At the word 'alliance', an idea clicked in my head. I gasp and widen my eyes, wanting so bad for this to work. "What if Father convinced the King to marry me and her instead of her and Loras?"

His thinks through this and looks around, "That might work but she is not just the princess, Bran. She is a Lannister. We have had such a bad relationship with the Lannisters, even before I was born."

I nod, "Just the more of a reason to connect our houses! If there are issues, it can be calmed down if we marry. Plus, Father is good friends with King Robert, he might say yes!"

He raises his hand to his beard and looks down. "That could work." He mutters, getting me smiling and hopeful but he immediately notices, "But you need to convince her of this as well. I can talk to Father but you need her to try and talk to her Father about it." He furrows his eyebrows, "Don't let any of the other royalty find out, Cersei would be furious."

"Okay, I'll go find her!" I whisper.

As I run off, Robb calls after me, "Be careful, don't mess up the situation than it already will be." I turn around and nod as he laughs at me before returning to the party, and probably to Father.


Walking with my mother made me anxious that Jaime would say anything at any moment. It got to the point that my stomach began to hurt. "Mother, I am not feeling well, may I go to my rooms for the rest of the night?"

She nods and watches me carefully, "Yes, of course. You lost a lot of your color." She holds my face in her hand and examined me for a few moments before she lets go and turns to Jaime, "Please escort her back." He nods.

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