Legal Shield Top Earner Secrets: How To Become A Top Producer In Legal Shield

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Legal Shield distributors: Do you want to know how to become a top earner?

If you wish to become a top earner, the way to do it is to implement a promotional plan that puts your message in front of thousands of people - not merely a handful of friends, family members and people you know.

You have to learn how to market- like a REAL business!

Below are 3 strategies 7-figure earners taught me I have successfully used to take my business to an entirely new level:

-Solve Your Attrition Problem

Attrition is one of the biggest problems Legal Shield marketers face. Legal Shield business builders are taught two tactics to boost retention, but each strategy creates other problems.

1) Method one is to assist new Legal Shield distributors to make money right away, so they get an early taste of success and want to stick around. By attempting to get every new Legal Shield distributor making money right away, you end up devoting a HUGE amount of time on the people least capable of sponsoring new Legal Shield reps themselves. About 20% of your Legal Shield downline is going to generate 80% of the growth and income in your business, and you end up focusing on the weakest 80%! By focusing on the wrong people, you foster dependency.

2) The other common approach is get your Legal Shield team members to feel connected to your team, so the interpersonal connections and sense of belonging the person feels overcomes frustrations that might otherwise make them quit. Legal Shield team webinars, live training events, and getting on the phone with your new people can all foster a team experience. This strategy can foster dependency. You'll end up with many underperforming team members who stick around for the team connection but sponsor few or no people into Legal Shield.

You're running a business, not a self-help group. A totally different approach to addressing attrition is not to try to increase retention, but to make attrition almost irrelevant to your business. To make retention less important to your business, promote affiliate products that can easily add a dozen or more new streams of income. By diversifying your revenue sources, you are not as reliant on Legal Shield for income. Attrition becomes a smaller problem when you rely less on your Legal Shield downline for residual income. A second way to make attrition less important is to promote a high ticket opportunity that pays commissions of $1,000 or more per sale. Traditional network marketing opportunities like Legal Shield pay out only about $60-$120 per new signup, so you must develop a large team and residual check to make a substantial income. When you earn $800+ per sign up, you effectively earn 2-3 years worth of residuals up front, regardless whether your new signup endures for 6 days or 6 years. This approach makes attrition almost irrelevant to your business!

-Make And Market To Your List

When all's said and done, building a Legal Shield business online entails two activities:

- Generate a list of prospects online

By list I don't mean your friends and family. We're talking about a list of leads you attract online. Merely tossing some videos up on Youtube or on Facebook will not create Legal Shield leads effectively. You must execute a lead attraction strategy that entices prospects to reach out to you and ultimately buy from you.

Teach prospects business-building skills so you position yourself as a credible authority. Attract qualified prospects to a web page where they enter their name, email address and phone in exchange for some valuable free content.

- Establish a relationship with and sell to this list

It's also important to establish a relationship with your prospects and stay tuned into their needs. This is an element that's key but few actually do. Being in touch with your audience is the way to differentiate and earn 3x-5x more profit than lesser marketers. Publish helpful content, such as blog posts and videos, several times per week. End each tip, blog post, email and video with a call to action to make a purchase.

-Get To Know Other Business Owners

Building a Legal Shield business is unlike having a job. Rather than depending hopelessly on a job to make you rich, you're building a long term enterprise.

It won't take long before your friends, family and others will start to think you're a little crazy. That's when they'll start making annoying comments:

- So how's the business? You get rich yet?

- When are you going to stop wasting your time on that silly thing?

- I tried one of those things before. They never work!

These cynical comments come from ignorance. Do not allow your mentality to be influenced by these ignorant comments. Do not discuss your business with these types of people. You'll gain friendships and have more fun.

Put yourself into places where you'll meet other network marketers. Attend regional and national training events for Legal Shield reps. Seek out and meet some of the top earners in your Legal Shield opportunity or other companies. These are often charismatic and dynamic people you want to be around.

Use Facebook to connect with networkers. Don't even mention Legal Shield to them, unless they ask what you promote. Just be a real person and inquire about them, like you're at a party. How much you earn is going to resemble the income of the five people you spend the most time with. Pick the people you spend time with carefully.

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Legal Shield Top Earner Secrets: How To Become A Top Producer In Legal Shield
Last updated: Sep 24, 2014
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