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"the S is for super and
the U is for united,
the P is for perfection and you know we are excited,
the E is for energetic and
the R is for rad,
so tell the other team...
we're the best and we're glad!"

the cheer girls yelled all as one, immensely happy with another win. mackenzie and her team threw their pom poms in the air and caught them, running (and flipping) off the pitch excitedly.

after reaching the bench where mackenzie had decided to leave her stuff, she sat down and drank her water, devenity by her side. they chatted eagerly despite yesterdays group chat fight, and both had clearly forgiven each other.

"right." mackenzie jumped up and brushed herself down. she kept her bottle in her hand and nodded at devenity. "you ready? we'll need to find john first, the little minx, and then we can talk."

"okay." devenity replied, nodding and looking out at the crowd before pointing. "but i've found him. he's going over to the changing rooms with nadia."

"oh, they're best friends." mackenzie quickly gushed, trying to reassure devenity's quite obvious suspicions.

she searched for him herself, confused as why he was going with nadia, but not wanting to be a jealous girlfriend. johnny was allowed to be friends with nadia she told herself. i'm friends with mandla, and that's basically the same thing.

the two girls set off, trekking across the field. mackenzie distracted devenity by chattering about the game- how well the boys had done and how easily jaydens boyfriend connor had done despite it being his first game. johnny, as usual, was a star, but was even cuter than normal because every time he'd score he'd look back at kenzie cheering on the sidelines, and either salute or grin- in one of the breaks, he even came over to give her a quick kiss. cheerleading had been much more fun than normal too, and mackenzie was simply buzzing from the high and all the attention. she'd never been so happy.

mackenzie and devenity finally reached the end of the field and kept going out the entrance towards the locker rooms. they rounded the corner, and seeing what was in front of them they both froze stock still, mackenzie's breath whooshing out of her as devenity gasped.

johnny was backing away from nadia as she slightly walked towards him. they were talking intently, voices hushed and quiet, but neither of the girls could make out what they were saying. devenity and mackenzie shared a glance quickly. what were they talking about– and why were they so close together?

johnny's back finally hit the wall and he tripped slightly, nadia reaching out to steady him as he grabbed onto her. he almost awkwardly laughed, obviously thanking her, and she smiled.

they kept talking as kenzie and devenity were standing there, oblivious to what was around them. as they continued their conversation, johnny started to get inherently stressed, eyebrows creasing and mouth turned down in worry. from where they were standing they couldn't see nadias expression, but they definitely saw nadia pulling him close for a hug.

by now mackenzie felt her throat becoming thick and her eyes starting to burn. she had no idea what was going on between them, which made everything a lot more stressful for her. mackenzie sought out devenity's eyes, and saw that they were filled with pity. she was jealous, but trying to stay calm because for all she knew, nadias granma could have just died or her parents could be going through a divorce or–

just as she was ready to assume the best about what they were doing, nadia reached up and kissed him.

the drink bottle slid from mackenzies hand, crashing on the ground. johnny and nadia sprung apart, reeling back from each other.

mackenzie looked between devenity and the pair, shocked. she couldn't believe what had just happened, feeling as if the ocean was roaring around her. it was only shock, she knew that, but it felt as if she was drowning.

devenity stormed forward, angry as hell, yelling at the pair.

mackenzie? she ran.


woops my finger slipped

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