Chapter 19: All guns blazing

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Another hard knock pounded the door, followed by a deep voice.

"It's the police, let us in."

"See, it's fine," Magnifique suggested, "it's the police."

Max passed her a searing look.

"Are you that clueless?" he asked, "it isn't the police. The moment you open that door, you will get a bullet through your head."

Three more hard knocks pounded the door.

"Open up now or we're coming in," a determined voice yelled.

The porch squeaked, followed by muffled footsteps.

"Get ready," Grant warned his colleagues, tightening his grip on his gun, "they will come in quick. Are you ready Gerrard?"

"I'm ready," a tense voice replied from the other side of the room.

A squeaking noise pierced the air, caused by someone twisting hard at the front door handle. The sound of breaking glass followed from a room located somewhere upstairs.

"Get in the room honey," Gerrard ordered his partner, "I don't want you in the firing line. No matter what you hear, don't come out."

Magnifique nodded her head, before disappearing into the shadows. The sound of more breaking glass echoed from upstairs, before deep footsteps hit the wooden floor, like someone was pressing their weight against the boards.

"If anyone comes down that staircase," Grant warned his colleague, "you pump two bullets into them."

"I will," Max responded anxiously.

The movement outside was now erratic. Shadows were moving from window to window, trying to find the best way inside. A creaking groan suddenly hit the staircase, causing Max to center his barrel on the wall, waiting for a figure to appear. It was followed by two more groans, but nothing presented itself, only an open landing. The intruders were obviously hiding behind the wall, waiting to attack.

A radio's cackle was followed by distant words.

"We're launching the first attack. Is everyone in position?"

"Roger," three unknown voices replied.

The air was stung by silence, like they were in the eye of a tornado, before three large bangs hit the front door. It shattered within seconds, followed by two men bursting into the room and releasing a flurry of shots. They only made it a yard, before they were culled by two ruthless bullets from Grant. The back door was blasted next and swung violently open, but only a ray of sunshine leaked inside. A nosel poked its way in, before it released a flurry of lead. Bullets ricocheted of nearby furniture and chipped the wood off the staircase, but came nowhere near the three men.

"If they step inside," Grant yelled, "mow them down Gerrard."

A figure suddenly emerged down the staircase, firing a series of shots towards the couch. They pelted the leather, releasing stuffing into the air and sent Grant reeling backwards. Max showed greater bravery and stayed firm, before shooting a single shot at the intruder. It missed the mark, but managed to graze his leg and halt his movement. He was now an easy target, but as Max lined the intruder up again, the man stumbled on his injured leg and fell head first down ten steps. His momentum finally stopped after he hit the bottom and snapped his neck.

Max had little time to lament his first kill, after more shots pummeled the couch from the back door. Both men slumped onto their stomachs, as bullets whizzed only inches over their heads. The chaos raged for over ten seconds, before a single shot rendered the room silent. Gerrard had culled the attacker with a lone bullet.

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