goose 💞
wanna go to the hill?

bby 🖤
idk if i should sneak
out again

goose 💞
ur right

bby 🖤
we can go tmrw tho

goose 💞
ight i have a show tmrw
so u can tag along boo

bby 🖤
u want me to go to
one of ur shows?

goose 💞
duh u my shawty tf

bby 🖤
aren't girls always all over
u at shows, i don't wanna
see that.

goose 💞
bitches be kissin on my
face everytime i'm on stage
it ain't new

goose 💞
at the end of the nite u the
one takin this dick

bby 🖤

bby 🖤
gustav i swear

goose 💞
hehe it's tru tho

bby 🖤
aren't i just another one
of those bitches tho?

goose 💞
hell nah u see the things
that they don't see

goose 💞
u care bout me, my dick,
n my health

bby 🖤
well ofc ur my gussie 🖤

goose 💞
you've only been here 4
a lil over a month n u
alr my girl

bby 🖤
well i guess we were
destined to meet each other.

bby 🖤
that sounds cheesy lol.

goose 💞
nah i think ur right

goose 💞
ft me

bby 🖤
k, let me grab my
headphones then i'll call u

ariana sat up from her bed as she headed over to her desk where her airpods sat. she connected them to her iphone before facetiming gus. he was laying in bed and his short hair was all messy like usual. he also had some random type of goggles on top of his head.

 he also had some random type of goggles on top of his head

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"hey boo." he said smiling and rubbing his finger over his eye a bit which probably meant he was a little tired.

"hi, what're you doing?" ariana replied making herself comfortable on her bed as she laid her head against her soft white pillow.

"smoking weed and thinkin bout you." gus answered now playing with a strand of his hair. "how bout you?"

"just enjoying the sound of your voice." ariana eyes were closed but she knew gus had a warm smile across his face. she was tired but she wanted to talk to him.

"you're so cute, i wanna fuck that shit out of you." gus spoke a wicked grin appearing on his face as he watched her quickly open her eyes at what he had just said.

"gustav i am not trying to have no phone sex with you." she joked hearing him laugh on the other end of the phone.

"you know you'd like it." he smirked cheekily giggling and putting the weird goggles over his eyes letting them dangle off his face a bit. "but i ain't tryin to sext you, i just wanna bless you with this dick."

"gus" ariana stated closing her eyes
once more and yawning.

"ariana." he mocked her but instead used her name. she rolled her eyes before he asked her a question "would you be mad if i wrote a song about you?" he said thinking back to the song he made the other day with tracy called
i crash, u crash.

"well no but if it's like a diss or something then yeah i guess." ariana shrugged.

gus nodded putting a blunt in his mouth as he admired the girl on his screen. "i'm never gonna let you get away." he whispered.

"that sounded creepy." she chuckled pulling her blanket over her. she watched gus blow smoke from his blunt and at the screen causing it to fog up a bit.

"well it's true, anyways you look tired go to sleep baby and i'll come pick you up around eleven or twelve." gus told her laying back against his own bed frame.

"okay, just stay on the phone with me." she muttered since she was
half asleep and half awake.

"i will, now go to sleep baby." gus whispered watching the girl drift off to a peaceful sleep.

my lil angel 

gus thought as he
looked at ariana and stayed on the phone with her until he fell asleep himself.



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