chapter 11

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silence was heard throughout the living room with six guys and one girl. none of them had said one word since gus took a seat in a large sofa chair about thirty five minutes ago.

"just make up so when can all party thursday." tracy rolled his eyes being the one to finally say something. he stood by a lamp smoking a blunt and playing with an expensive watch on his wrist.

"you want us to make up just so we can have good time partying?" ariana scoffed turning around on the couch to face the annoyed tracy.

"yeah and what about it?" tracy raised his eyebrows at her. she groaned and turned back around crossing her arms stubbornly.

"just make up for bloody sakes." bexey yelled shaking his head then taking a shot of vodka that was on the table in front of the couch. which she guessed was something normal for the guys around her to do.

"no." gus and ariana both
unintentionally said at the same time.

"y'know maybe if you weren't such an asshole the other day then we wouldn't be here." she told gus as she glared down at the ground.

"me? i was the asshole? nah you started that shit don't play." gus shot back smacking his lips and looking at the girl from afar as he sat in the sofa chair in the corner of the living room. "i care about you but you treated me like shit for no reason." he added.

"i'm an addict what do you expect? i'm fucked up and i do stupid shit." she admitted talking really low since she knew what happened that day was her mostly her fault. "but you're still an asshole."

"i know and i ain't gonna lie bout that." gus shrugged picking the black nail polish off of his fingernails. "let's just forget about all that shit ion wanna fight anymore it's annoying." he groaned finally giving in and realizing all of it was stupid as hell and most likely won't matter in two days.

"y'all bipolar as fuck." tracy yelled then clapping his hands when gus gave ariana a big kiss on the cheek.

"i'm sorry." she whispered in his ear running her hands through his soft black and blonde hair.

"i'm also kinda sorry." he replied shrugging at his own words.

ariana rolled her eyes playfully pushing the tall boy off of her. "i have to get home but thanks for holding me hostage for two hours." she sarcastically spoke to all of them making her way to the front door.

"no problem next time we'll put tape over your mouth mate." bexey joked earning a small punch from gus on the shoulder since bexey had no chill.

"well i'll see you soon, not sure when, but soon." ariana smiled up at gus as they stood in the doorway of the front door. it was one of those cheesy things where you kiss the person you adore goodbye and watch them leave then text them all night.

which was exactly what happened. ariana laid in her bed at three in the morning with her phone in her hand as she watched the three small bubbles by gus's name pop up. asher and ava were in their room either asleep or pulling an all nighter. logan had went to go stay at a hotel because he couldn't possibly bare to be around ariana's dad.

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