Sophia Anderson

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Ever had people following you around all day. Not letting their sight. Off of you? Well that's me. All my life I've had bodyguards. Paparazzi asking me about my father's new movies and upcoming events. And they also ask me about my new books and new projects. When I turned 24, I told my parents I didn't want a bodyguard anymore. And now I'm 25 and life is good with no bodyguard.

There was a knock on my door. I checked my security cameras. My parents made sure my house was secured. It had hidden cameras and emergency buttons everywhere. I went to the front door and opened it.

"About time." Bri huffed.

"Sorry, I just had to make sure it wasn't any paparazzi or some kidnapper." I rolled my eyes.

"Ignore her, she's just mad cause the bakery was out of churros." Jojo mentioned as she walked inside.

"Anyway. How's your books?" I asked.

"So good. Though my deadline is in two weeks." Bri sighed.

"I got mine done before deadline. So I'm just enjoying my break before I write a new book." Jojo told us while plopping on the couch.

"Well, mine is almost done then I have to send it for them to edit and to translate it." I said to them.

We three are writers. The best in LA. We were lucky to chase after our dream and make it come true. You would think because my dad is Damon Anderson I would get privileges. Think again. I had to work my way to get to where I am. We three worked hard. But got our dream job. It's exhausting but worth it.

"Since it's out break day, let's all-" Bri and I looked at the couch and Jojo fell asleep.

"And there was two. So let's go to the mall. And leave Jojo napping." Bri said as I chuckled. I grabbed my car keys and we left Jojo sleeping. I locked everything and then we hit the mall.

After shopping, eating ice cream and Bri finally getting her churros. we headed back to my house. Except we never made it. There was an officer who told us to go another way. Okay, that was odd but I went anyway. I got this funny feeling. I decided to go another way but we were stopped by two men.

"Out of the car!" They pointed me with the gun. Bri sent an SOS message to her dad before the men opened the car. She always reacts fast to any kind of situations.

"Please don't do anything to us." I started to cry. I'm an extremely nervous person. My heart was racing so fast. I wished I would've listened to my parents.

"Finally we have you, Sophia. I'll get so much money for you and I'll get to have my fun." I Wanted to puke. Actually I did. I puke on his shoes. He punched me.

Bri was calmed and kept talking to the guy. What is she planning. They grabbed us both and threw us in the van. Jojo did the right thing in falling asleep. Then again she would've stayed either way since she hates shopping.

"Bri, how can you be so calmed." I sobbed.

"Because I was in this situation two years ago, remember?"

"But still. I just want to get out of here." I was crying uncontrollably. She just hug me.

"I think it's time to get back bodyguards. I sure in the hell don't want this to happen to me again. I'll talk to my dad." Bri told me. I still wasn't a fan of bodyguards.

The van stopped and the doors opened. Sirens was all I heard before passing out. I didn't know what to expect when the doors opened so fainting was all it happened.

A few hours later I woke up in a room that wasn't mine. I look to my left and saw my parents on the couch. "Where am I?"

"Hospital. You fainted. We wanted to make sure everything was okay with you. Baby girl, see why having a bodyguard is important." Dad said as he grabbed my hand.

"Please, it will make me feel in peace if you have one." Mom mentioned as she grabbed my other hand.

"Finally school is out. And you're safe." My sister announced as she walked into the room towards me and then pulled me into a hug. Nikki is 13 years old.

"I'm safe. And who brought you here?"

"My bodyguard, silly." She giggled. Of course she has a bodyguard. That's our overprotective parents.

"How's Bri?"

"She's good. Jack and Sarah are getting her a bodyguard. Which you will get one too. I know you're 25 an adult. But you're a famous writer and my daughter. You're an easy target in their eyes. Please don't fight me on this again."

"Fine. But he better be nice. If I'm going to have someone follow me all day. I want him to atleast smile and not be serious all the time." I huffed. The last two I had were so serious.

"Well, they're just doing their job. They're there to protect you not to become your buddy buddy." Dad chuckled.

"Well, you can be friends. I mean If you're spending all your time with Someone, then you can both get to know each other." Mom mentioned.

"This is why I love you mom. See dad, I told you years ago she was the best for you to marry." They just chuckled as I hugged her.

I seriously hope this new bodyguard is nice and not too serious. Come on life's too short to be serious. Right?

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