Caught In The Act

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A bead of sweat trailed down her body into the valley between her breasts. Her body was aglow with softness and need. She sat on her knees, arms pushed forward, and her back arched. Wiggling her soft supple ass in the sky she pressed her legs tighter together as her mouth remained open completely and utterly parched. A short puff of breath was all she could manage while her entire self was set on fire with raging desire.

She was horny, oh so very horny.

Groaning in frustration she flopped onto the bed pressing her face into a pillow, her ass still in the air. The AC could do nothing to cool her inner turmoil. However, what was she to do? She was alone at home with no one to satisfy her. The only one who could was currently at work leaving her to endure the most delicious type of pain.

Sexual frustration.

Reaching down she trailed her finger towards her shorts and in between her legs. She was soaked straight through the cotton fabric. Pressing her finger more firmly against her moist pussy she began to slightly rub. A soft moan escaped her as she applied pressure, lost in the moment she allowed herself to venture into a forbidden area. She let her finger go past the lining of her underwear. Warning bells sounded in her ear but she paid it no attention.  Pushing her shorts and underwear to the side she slipped her fingers between her wet lips. The heat emitting from her body rose to scalding temperatures as more sweat began to roll down the frame of her face. Her chest heaved and her long fingers pursued. Moving her back and forth in between her lips felt delicious. It took little time for her hips to start grinding against it. Her moans got louder and less subtle when it happened.

She let her finger enter the place where only one man has ever entered before. The sudden entry sparked a sensual shiver to run down her back and an excitement only doing something bad could elicit. Her head already lifted from the pillow to moan rose higher to let her long black curly hair cascade down, sticking to her body as a new layer of heat.

Taking the finger she let in enter further into her moist cavern, throwing away her inhibitions she let herself finally enjoy something she had failed to try over the years. Yet before she could finish pushing it in completely another groan was heard.

Quickly pulling her hand out she whipped her head around to see none other than her husband standing proudly at the door with his 5 ft 11 frame. Scrambling for the covers she fought to shield herself in shame of being caught in the act. Peering up at him from under her eyelashes she saw something she never would've expected. 

He was aroused.

His dick was pointing straight up, straining against his polyester pants and oh did he look fine. His eyes had taken a dark turn and became a look she only knew too well. It was a look of pure carnal need and the anticipation of it set her body into a wave of powerful desire. As if the state she was in right now wasn't enough her husband had pushed her into a level of need she never thought existed.

Keeping eye contact with her he began his slow approach; he stalked towards her and threw his suit coat to the floor. He loosened his tie enough to take it off but wrapped it around his palm.

"So I come home from a hard day a work expecting to see my wife watching TV or getting a shower. I tried calling her name but I didn't get an answer so of course I decide to check our bedroom and what do I see? I see my wife lying against our bed, wanton with lust, and fingering herself. How do you think that made me feel? "

“Honey I didn't know what came over me, I was horny and you weren't here..."

Clenching his fists he shut his eyes as she said the word 'horny.' Cutting her off he spoke again with a lower and less contained voice.

"No. I know what you were doing, but my question is why did you stop? "

"Stop? What do you mean, aren't you angry with me?"

"Angry? No baby I'm more than angry. I'm bloody pissed knowing that if I had come home any later than this I would've missed one of the most erotic scenes in my life. You may have stopped but I'm just gonna have to change that, now don't I." Opening his eyes a smirk emerged on his face and his eyes held a crazed look in them. Unbuttoning his dress shirt he ripped it off and onto the ground in one second flat. He walked the final steps towards the bed and put his knees onto the tip, bringing himself onto the king sized mattress.

Her eyes were wide with confusion but her body awaited his touch. His predatory movements compelled her body to move farther away as he closed in on her. Reaching forward he grabbed her right hand by the wrist and brought it towards himself. Sucking the fingers into his mouth he licked every inch of it without breaking eye contact. A satisfactory growl emitted from his throat. In a raspy voice he said "Baby you taste so good."


She couldn't help the moan that escaped her; it was pure female satisfaction knowing that her man loved the way she tasted.

His body pressed forward making her back press against the headboard. With her hand still in his he led it down her body and back in between her legs to her pussy.

"What're *breath* you *breath* doing?"

Saying nothing he took her finger, slipping in between her lips straight into her hole. Navigating her finger he pushed it knuckle deep along with his finger. The intrusion of both his and her finger set her brain into overload. No longer could she think about if it was wrong or not, she would just enjoy what her husband was willing to offer.

A steady pace was set as they moved it out and in, sometimes bringing the fingers out completely until she begged pleaded for him to continue. Tilting his head down to her ear he whispered "Do you like that. Huh. Tell me how you feel, can you feel our fingers moving inside of you baby. Can you feel just how wet you are, all wet and ready for my dick to enter you."

Unable to take his teasing she sat silently letting her body become an instrument of pleasure against his attacks. Pressure built between her legs and she could feel her release coming. He, feeling her pussy clench against his fingers, sped up the pace until she was crumbling against him.

Pulling their fingers out he sucked both of the dripping cum into his mouth. Raking his teeth around the edges of it before cleaning it dry. She started up at him with her eyes barely open. Before she could even realize he dove down lifting her pussy up to his face. He had no mercy as he slipped his tongue into her.

There was no more time for teasing he wanted to taste what was his and no one was gonna stop him.

Her body still trying to recuperate from her orgasm was sent back into excruciating heat that pleasantly burned her. Putting her hands into his hair she tried pushing him away but to no avail, his mouth was latched. Curling her fingers she held him close towards her pussy and started grinding into his face.  He took her riding and adjusted his head to match her pace.

 As a familiar build up of heat started to fill her body he .....

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