Don't panic!

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I unpublished the first two chapters so I can revisit them and fix a few things

I'm also making a small prologue for this story and I think you'll like it.

Before I forget to say anything I accidentally made Don the main character and the others have their own side stories.

I promise it'll be entertaining, each story will conclude nicely.

Also, Benny and Ddawn are kinda the main antagonists. There's also another one but they won't be revealed yet, if you've read Melodies you'll understand who it is.

I'm so so so excited to start this story again! I went through a funk for a bit and I haven't really announced this yet but I'm coming back to this account. This is my fanfic account and the other is for my personal stories, writing prompts, and art!

I've really missed writing stories, this one in particular.

The prologue might come out before summer even begins. May 16th maybe? Maybe, just maybe, I'll be finished with testing and have more free time ;)

Well, that's all I have for right now, I love you guys <3

Have a wonderful day/night!

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