about me part 2 bc im really a narcissist

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okay so i thought of more stuff about myself and I'm self centered I-
I speak French, along with English, obviously, some Spanish, some Gaelic, and a bit of German.
I really, really love theatre and drama, performing has always been a really big part of my creative outlet.
I started writing poetry when I was 5 or 6, I've been writing stories since around that time too, and I learned to read at 3.
I'm a giant sociology and psychology nerd, i like trying to figure out how people work and I love people watching.
For most of my life I was a classical ballet dancer and devoted pretty much all of my life to dance.
i love reading, so much, my favorite things to read are classical literature, essay analyses, poetry and non fiction.
I love music, all kinds of music but I'm not going to lie and say I have good music taste, it fucking sucks, my playlist be like mo bamba after symphony number 9 or some shit.
i like really, really love tony stark. and Sansa Stark, unrelated starks but they're my two favorite characters ever.
I like? Attract woodland creatures? Birds and squirrels and deer and butterflies and stuff are always coming up to me?? Disney princess vibes?
I would absolutely jump off a whole ass cliff for min yoongi
I'm a natural ginger but I'm constantly dyeing my hair so it hates me and is basically straw on my head at this point.
my favorite smells are the smell of jasmine, books, and Christmas trees. (And my boyfriend)
I have like a ridiculous love for soft things I have like... four... fluffy blankets, dozens upon dozens of stuffed animals I sleep with?? I like being cozy
When I'm older I want to start a non profit organization for kids in crisis.
Specifically mint tea with sugar and milk
I want to travel all over the world but I'm honestly too anxious to leave my house half the time
I have a garden! and I love growing plants!!
my favorite animals are frogs, lizards, cats, and foxes
my mbti type is ENFJ
when I was younger I had a goldfish named coral and she was the sweetest baby ever she would let me pet her
My favorite movies are Ponyo, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Pretty in Pink, The Notebook, Sixteen Candles, Iron Man 3, Amelie, and Casa Blanca
I near constantly shake and I have a hand tremor it's so weird jshdhdhd
okay that's all im done
love always,

noah <3

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